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Cleaning motorcycle chain with kerosene

Just use enough to cover the chain and allow it to soak for awhile before using an old brush to work the kerosene around the chain before dumping the kerosene out of the Therefore, I’d grab a small can of Kerosene and give the chain a good clean with the Bike It Chain Brush. Here are Use a brush and kerosene to use solvent to remove excess grime. The waxes and lubes are better in grimy areas as compared to others. kungfu Mall 2Pcs Motorcycle & Bicycle chain cleaning brush Mountain Bike Cleaning Maintenance Tool(Red, Blue) 5. Cleaning the Chain While there are various ways of cleaning your motorcycles chain as well lubricating it, I prefer to use the good old kerosene (if not available then petrol) to clean the chain. I let it air dry while I spray electrical contacts, parts of the engine and areas around the FI with Boeshield since it is what I prefer for bicycle chain lubing, and gear cleaning. . It Motorcycle chain endures heavy abuse and undergoes a lot of wear and tear. FAQ and Maintenance information for RK Chains and Excel Rims. This will clear away lubricant, dirt, and grime that are currently on the chain. • Do not use volatile solvent such as paint thinner, kerosene and gasoline. I use to use unleaded to clean my vespa air filter. Overall a success however I left a huge mess, a puddle of kerosene on the floor (I need a bigger drip pan next time), a dirty chain brush + 2 rags that stinks of gasoline. Cleaning: Wash the chain with paraffin (Kerosene), a soft brush and a piece of cloth and remove the dirt and slime accumulated on the chain. I'd soak the chain in a tub of kerosene. Wax adheres tenaciously to clean metal surfaces so it’s important to strip a chain of oil and grease before dipping in hot wax. breaking the chain to clean it every time Your motorcycle chain is a vital ingredient in making your bike smooth, quiet and efficient, so to prolong its life, it’s important to perform regular checks and maintenance. Inspect it. Kerosene 3. So could actually argue that your chain will wear out faster, even with cleaning off the bike after every ride. Best Bike Chain Cleaning Degreasers So, if you want your chain to last as long as possible, don’t use WD-40 to clean your chain! Or only use it in a very particular way that will be described later in this article. To be on safer side instead of using chain cleaners you can use Kerosene or Diesel, they act as good cleaners and are also mild on chain and its O-ring, its absolutely safe. Lather, rinse, repeat until clean. If you strain the degreaser through kitchen roll, you can seal the Tupperware lid and re-use it many times. immediately. Run the chain slowly through the kerosene for one minute. A couple drops ended up on my Absorb-It Mat , but a quick adjustment of the catch pan’s position prevented any further spilling. While there are various ways of cleaning your motorcycles chain as well as of lubricating it, I prefer to use the good old kerosene (if not available then diesel or petrol) to clean the chain. Find a cleaner intended for motorcycle chain maintenance like DuPont’s Mechanics Degreaser. All motorcycle chain regardless of brand is a consumable product; which means RK Chain recommends cleaning a sealed chain with only a mineral based O ring safe chain cleaner. If that doesn't get the job done, use kerosene or WD-40. It works really well and makes the job easy. Whatever you use, work it into the chain with a stiff paintbrush-with the bike on a stand-while turning the back wheel. 7 out of 5 stars 14 $6. The DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser is a useful tool to have on hand for many different tasks associated with regular maintenance of your vehicle. Kerosene is great for cleaning, but it is flammable and is not a substance I keep around the garage. Make sure it’s warm. Motorcycle Adventure Riding Food Taste Test Comparison. How to understand Motorcycle Chains, Wear and Maintenance PURPOSE: For most current motorcycles, the power from the engine and transmission is delivered to the rear wheel via a drive chain, although some models use driveshafts (many BMW's and some Honda's come to mind), and others use belts instead of chains (some Harleys, some Hondas, etc. WD-40 is a very good cleaning & lubricating agent and safe for use with most O-ring and X-ring and other-ring type chains. I've read all kinds of voodoo that different people use for maintenance on their chains. In the UK, kerosene is called paraffin, so British bike maitenance  Kerosene may be safely used for cleaning, provided you have adequate . For the chain to work smoothly, it must stay clean and well lubricated. Some bikes over the years have had a drip feed to the chain, while others have successfully used fully enclosed chain systems. 99 Cleaning A Bicycle Chain With Eternal Kerosene Includes The Motorcycle chain maintenance canyon chasers sport touring how to clean and lube a motorcycle chain revzilla how to clean and lube a motorcycle chain revzilla the best cheapest motorcycle chain cleaner kerosene you. French motorcycle lubricant company Motul, distributed in Australia by Link International, sent us a check list and technical details for lubricating your chain. The waxes and lubes may vary from all chains and driving styles. any degreaser will work, wd-40, chain cleaner, kerosene, solvent (if you use sparingly) etc. While you can remove the chain from your bike in order to Vertex Kerosene provides the following benefits : Vertex Kerosene has a slow evaporation rate. While there are various ways of cleaning your motorcycles chain as well lubricating it, I prefer to use the good old kerosene (if The best part about using kerosene is that it will clean your chain quickly while saving you lots of time. Was looking through the owners manual and noticed that they actually do not recommend using Kerosene to clean the chain. I use Kerosene its a bit cheaper than Petrol. Maybe it's just my preference, but I don't like this. on a rag, clean chain with lightly soaked area of rag, respray rag in new spot, clean more chain, repeat till chain is clean. After the chain is clean, I would wash it off with water (often, chain cleaning is coincident with bike wash — wash the top side, clean the chain, wash it off and finish the wheels and bottom), let it dry and help, if possible, with compressed air to blow as much water out as possible. A small brush dipped in kerosene cleans out most of the sludge. Gasoline, instead of cleaning the chain, creates a bigger mess and causes dirt accumulation. PJH: First, some kerosenes can, I think, affect the O-ring itself. Chain is an essential part of a motorcycle and keeping it clean and lubricated ensures that you have a trouble free smooth ride, at the same time it helps increase the life of the chain as well. How to Lube a Bicycle Chain. Chain lubes are important to increase the performance of your vehicle. e, beat that dead horse again thing) but last time I did a thorough cleaning job on my well worn (not worn-out) chain, (last winter when installed the 17T front sprocket) I scrubbed it gently using Zep45 (with Teflon) as a cleaner, then after wiping it dry, applied my spray-on chain wax (Ultima, I think My chain hadn't got a good scrubbin' and cleaning since the early days (on my other bikes). You cannot obtain this sort of link action with the chain off the bike in a bottle of  18 Jun 2018 Cleaning spray: you can use a specialized chain cleaner or kerosene. We shall give you a simple guideline on how to go about these two simple maintenance practices. Maintaining the chain involves cleaning it as well as oiling it. How to-maintain motorcycle chain and sprocket You can use kerosene for the cleaning process, or a chain cleaner spray. [motorcycle. Heating oil (kerosene) is good too, and the cheapest of the lot. Cleaning chains is a PIA no matter how you do it. Quick Look. With the chain cleaned, visually inspect the entire chain, including the condition of o You should occasionally clean your motorcycle engine to keep your bike looking its best and to also help keep it in top running order. Use only mineral-based, o-ring-safe chain cleaning products designed specifically for motorcycle use. Those high-pressure hoses can damage bike parts, which are more vulnerable than mechanical parts in cars. I’ve never used petrol for chain cleaning since. Cleaning the chain . Motorcycle & Bicycle chain cleaning brush Mountain Bike Cleaning Maintenance Tool Pack of 2 (Red , Blue) kerosene Go back to filtering menu ← When cleaning the drive chain use a suitable cleaner that will not destroy the O-rings if it is an O-ring type chain. I have a chain on my bike that has that white crap that they ship them with. Analyzing The Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes. The service interval depends on your riding style, weather, and load, but it's a good rule of thumb to check the chain once in every 300 – 600 miles, adjust it if needed, and apply a sufficient amount of lubricant on it. 14 Aug 2015 r/motorcycles: Upgrading your bike won't upgrade your skill. The best part about using kerosene is that it will clean your chain amazingly quick, saving you lots of time. I do this every 3-4 rides. After 2X Cycling Bicycle Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Tool Gear You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if Used it on my KLX110L chain with kerosene and dried Moto Chain Mate Review And Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Tips Have you tried applying the kerosene using a lab squeeze or lab wash bottle instead of the sprayer. Using a spray chain cleaner with the Velocity system was the least messy of any chain cleaning I’ve ever attempted. Always kept them lubricated. Never use steam, volatile solvents, gasoline, or benzine. By itself it's pretty aggressive at getting things loose. D X-Ring or O-Ring chain? Answer It is recommended that you wash your chain in kerosene. 6-31. Many years ago, I used to clean with gasoline, but the smell is unbearable after a few minutes, it damages plastic, rubber and paint. Apply your cleaning spray all over the  14 Dec 2018 I keep the chain clean like the rest of the bike, as much as possible. Now the cycle is 45 days chain cleaning interval. I. Now start to wash the chain with kerosene using Diesel is somewhat close to kerosene, which I use almost exclusively. The air is warm again, the tarmac shimmers and the sun strokes the back of every rider’s neck. It forces its bristles between the plates where dried and hardened chain lube, road sand, glass, tar and other materials gather to form a hard shield of abrasive dirt where the O-ring If you notice your bike chain is excessively dirty and grimy, with a crust of dirt and environmental sludge, it’s probably time to clean your chain. After shaking for a while, most all stuff will come off. It is great for the job, but today’s endless chains make the practice impractical. Once clean then lube with your favorite chain lube (or motor oil). Re: How to: Chain Cleaning, Lubrication & Adjustment Post by MOzarkRider » Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:58 pm Dawn dish soap works just as good as diesel fuel or kerosene and is way better for your hands and your environment just my I have used diesel fuel before but the cleanup is a hassle. I think it may even improve fuel consumption, but his spreadsheet may suggest Hi Akash Das, Let me answer this question in detail and in the best possible way. The Muc-Off Chain Brush is an essential tool for keeping your motorcycle's chain spotlessly clean and running smooth. The first consideration is the choice of chain to be fitted. For the next step you would use a spray recommended by the manufacturer of your O-ring chain, kerosene or any other solvent-based oil. Many years before, the motorcycle plain chains links were cleaned with kerosene. Before you apply the lubricant, you have to let the chain dry completely. Alternatively, many riders have seen success using kerosene for their chain cleaning maintenance. the really thick shit. Kerosene is also what the guys who make chains say you should use when cleaning a chain and it does a great job removing chain fling from wheels (and other places) too. You haven't changed a real chain until you do the chain drive on an International Harvester Combine, which is a loop about 20 feet long, when stretched out and weighs in at a couple hundred pounds, costs as much as a barely used BMW, and needs a 55 gallon drum almost full of kerosene and oil to clean and lubricate, which is an annual 12 Jun 2017 Along with changing your motorcycle oil, learning how to clean and lube a motorcycle . I keep a gallon of kerosene around and wet (soak) a section of clean white rag with it and spin the rear wheel while gripping the chain. I clean the chain, I disagree with V-Tom in the regard that cleaning the chain removes unwanted mass from a major moving part. Mobil (You also can use chain cleaner and chain lubricant ) At first take your bike in a level place, remove the chain cover at least the lower part. Chain cleaning is an essential part of bike maintenance. The dry lubes keeps dirt from sticking some and makes your next cleaning easier. Whether you own a custom cruiser or a souped-up sports bike, you'll want to keep your motorcycle away from commercial washing facilities and perform the cleaning ritual yourself. 5. Routinely lubing your bike chain will improve its performance and prevent it from wearing out early. Did not use a lot of kerosene and not a big mess either. The topic ‘Petrol or diesel for chain cleaning?’ is closed to new replies. Check your bike manufacturer's manual for the suggested interval between chain cleaning and lubing sessions. Cleaning Your chain gathers old lube, grit and dirt, so it's worth giving it a regular, good clean. Park your bike on its centerstand or on a rearstand near a hose. You can really use anything that doesn't kill the seals on an X/O-ring chain to clean it, so long as you lube it properly afterwards. But Kerosene will literally melt gunk and grime right off the chain Regular bike cleaning also prevents dirt building up and damaging bike parts, meaning you'll spend less on bike maintenance and repairs. Both chain wax and oil based lubes adequately lubricat Chain Cleaning with a Park Tool Chain Scrubber. Chain Maintenance. When cleaning your chain, it's also the best time to check that everything is in working condition. This statement is totally false. I soak the chain in a container of kero and leave it on the washing machine while cleaning clothes. Greatly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction Easy to use multi-purpose brush for gears, chain, and other bike components Bristle blocks surround chain for efficient, four-side cleaning Long stiff bristles access di PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube Bel-Ray Motorcycle Chain Lubricant. BTW, my '09 has 50,000 km on it. Features: The best tool used for cleaning motorcycle chain Made using the highest quality ingredients. PG1 Blue is less widely used and also gets good recommendations. Flexing the chain in oil will assure greater penetration of lubricant. Cleaning the Chain. After the wash you have to lubricate all the movable parts like chain-Sprockets, side stand, center stand, foot page, gear & break lever joints. Step 4: Check your owner's manual for the correct tension limits of your motorcycle's chain. Is kerosene a good cleaning agent? Another fact about kerosene which you may not know is that It can be used to clean bicycle and motorcycle chains of old lubricant oil before relubrication. So overuse of any solvent or too enthusiastic an effort to clean the chain is not really needed. Everyone seems to hate manually cleaning a motorbike chain (me too) so I can access kerosene pretty much anywhere around the world, but getting all that gunk out of the chain is much harder. Used the red 3 sided red brush dipping it in a small container of kerosene and brushing the back area (,rear sprocket) repeatedly while turning the wheel by hand. Degreaser: A bike-specific degreaser (avoid kerosene or turpentine) will clean up gummy parts like your bike chain. While you are cleaning the chain, vary your pressure by pressing on the sides and top of the chain. A well-maintained, properly adjusted and lubricated motorcycle chain can last up to 30,000 miles. Wipe down with a towel and wait a couple minutes and it should be dry to the touch. Wipe off any excess after cleaning and allow the chain to dry. D special chain lube. The choice of chain will depend upon the type of motorcycle and the job it will be expected to do. That is why a pressure washer should never be used on an O-ring chain, it will blow the lubricant out one side and displace it with water. Expected chain life. Finally i got the conclusion that chain is broken because i clean it with kerosene as much as two times. The biggest concern with cleaning a chain IF IT IS O-RING is if the cleaner penetrates past the O-ring seals and dilutes or displaces the lubricant sealed in the link. 4. The old lube and grime wasn't coming off easily and light rust would build up on the chain since the new coat of lube I was spraying on didn't coat the chain completely with all that grime still on there. Both sealed ring chain and non-seal chain needs cleaning and lubrication for maintenance. Safer for your person than other cleaning formulas, the spray will help you keep all your devices lubricated for maximum efficiency. A useful technical article from guest contributor Larry Kelly of San Diego CA (aka Shazaam!). The o-rings are more pliable this way. Then rotate the wheel and get the inner side all the way around. Gunk ruins motorcycle chains – so be thorough! 7. Your motorcycle chain must be cleaned with kerosene solution or other specialized chain cleaning products. On a regular basis, look at the entire chain by standing to the side of your bike and lifting the rear wheel off the ground. Kerosene, or #1 fuel is a lighter product and will flow easier, allow fines to precipitate out faster, allow the chain to drain of the cleaning oil faster, etc. I read many of your posts and know your very knowledgeable, kerosene is a good cleaner but why not WD40. Moto Chain-Mate - The Ultimate Motorcycle Chain Cleaning and Lubrication Kit ! 4. Why waste lube cleaning the chain? Kerosene is what is used to thin wax in car wax, so its completely safe to clean all the grime off your chain and wheels. Buy a baking pan with a raised edge of about an inch. Regular use and cleaning with Tirox Chain Cleaner with Kerosene extends chain life and optimizes performance. The manual says diesel oil, but when I look it up on the internet, people are interchanging the words "fuel" and "oil". Incidentally, kerosene can be found at any hardware store or even department store usually in the camping section. Cleaning it and lubing thoroughly can also loosen up any links that have become stiff and cause tight spots in the chain. transmit power. Some use a grunge brush and You apply it to the inside of the chain (spray it on top of the lower run, forward of the rear sprocket) and remember a little goes a long way. Chain care is a vital part of the maintenance required on any chain driven motorcycle. When cleaning O-ring chain, clean only the external areas of the chain. Earlier I used to think how I'm going to maintain the chain and keep it clean and lubricated. The other issue that never seems to hit the discussion groups is the best way to clean a motorcycle chain. Inspect and clean sprockets. To start with, you’ll need a specially formulated degreasing agent or good old fashioned kerosene. Total cost of chain cleaning consumables per year is Rs. Unless the chain is rusted all the way through, your bike is not going to stop running or fall apart. ? It A motorbike chain is a vitally important bit of kit. com] - MO Tested: Velocity Chain Maintenance System Motorcycling News Bought this to go with me on my RTW trip on my motorbike. I use wax because it stays on the chain longer and doesn't sling goo everywhere when the wheels Details about 2x Cycling Bicycle Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Tool Gear Grunge Brush Cleaner Blue. hey, not sure about carbs, but I read an article written by a motorcycle manufacturer relating to disk brakes; he said usually if they spill WD40 on disk brake pads, they bin 'em,on the disk themselves they use kerosene to remove. The chain gets brushed with a particular brush to get any debris off. I soaked it in diesel overnight, cleaned it with a plastic bristle brush, then dried it and lubed it and it works GREAT now! Cleaning a Bicycle Chain With "Eternal" Kerosene. Though this chain of 8. Then I just wiped it dry and lubed it the next day with regular o ring chain lube. WD40 mainly consist of Kerosene, and is proven to be harmless to the rubber in O, X, and Y type chains. Bel-Ray Chain Lube and the Grunge Brush Review Non-sticky, clear chain lube. 6. The performance of motorcycle lube is based on the quality of lube, local climate and driving style. 7 out of 5 stars 13. and the grease was simply smothered on the chain links. Chain lube does a better job of lubing than wax, but it's messier. Chain durability is affected by riding style, gear choice, whether the bicycle is ridden in rain or snow, type of soil in the local terrain, type of lubricant, lubrication techniques, and the sizes and condition of the bicycle's sprockets. Saleh Md. My bike cleaning consists of Meguiars or TurtleWax products. Motorcycle chain maintenance: By the book … The repair manual for my Suzuki DL-650 says to use kerosene to clean the chain and heavy weight motor oil as lubricant. with all the tips for cleaning in this forum i thought i would share this tip for cleaning the chain set and chain as i have found diesel works excellent as a cleaning agent and has also penatration and lubrication properties, for the chain and gear mechanisms all you need is a tray a small brush and some diesel ,once cleaned wipe excess from around chain and apply small amount of engine oil Bought this to go with me on my RTW trip on my motorbike. There are a lot of products out there that can all do the job but these are the best bike chain cleaning ones that are also good for other dirty parts of your bike. Often the chain had to be taken off the bike, soaked in paraffin or kerosene and then put back on the bike before applying oil or other lubrication. Subject: Myths: Solvents & O-ring Chains -----RK and the other o-ring chain manufacturers CLAIM that cleaning your o-ring chain with solvents or using a spray chain lube (which has a solvent in it) will damage the o-rings and shorten the life of the chain. Cleaning and Lubricating Motorcycle Chain . Free UK delivery over £25 and easy returns on our range of over 100,000 products. Kerosene won't degrade seals of any kind, it's cheaper than dirt, and is a good cleaning agent, too. However, rust detracts from the overall beauty and elegance of your bike. If I were in your shoes, I would soak them overnight and then give them a good shake and hit the places I could get to with a toothbrush. than straight kerosene, probably only make cleaning the chain slightly  2 Aug 2018 Motorcycle chain maintenance is an important part of ownership. I wouldnt use any harsh chemicals (brake/parts cleaner etc) as it may damage the orings. Directions for use: Spray on, agitate and rinse off. He told me don't use kerosene, it breaks down the rubber x-ring. 11 Mar 2015 Spray or wipe your chain with kerosene. Chain oil/gear oil/thin engine oil 5. p. Chain no longer makes noise. Claimed to work on both O-ring and non- O-ring motorcycle chains. What's called paraffin (paraffine) in the UK is a liquid that we call "kerosene" in the  2 Jun 2015 This article teaches you how to maintain your Motorcycle Chain. (Gasoline can also be used, but poses some safety issues!) In the UK, kerosene is called paraffin, so British bike maitenance books recommend cleaning the chain in paraffin. Would cleaning it too often with kerosene harm the o-rings at all. " In the 2013 DL650A manual it clearly says NOT to use kerosene. And most motorcycle owner manuals actually recommend using kerosene to wash your chain. I am using Motorex Chain Clean: it is not the only chain cleaner, but it is my favourite as it is easy to apply and works very well. I was wondering what type of cleaner you recomend Motorcycle Chain Lube 101. Fill with Kerosene or what ever suitable cleaning solvent you want. Then lube the chain as normal. Need a low-cost way to salvage a vintage metal fuel tank with severe interior rust? Take the tank off the bike, and seal off the petcock hole. A properly cleaned chain will work more effectively, and any lubrication added afterwards will work much better. wow definitely didnt think that out idk if you could dilute kerosene now that i think about it Take a look at our post on the best motorcycle cleaning products for some ideas. My chain is like new and shows no signs of wear, after about 1k miles. How To Clean and Lube Your Motorcycle Chain is not always as straight forward as it may seem. What is the recommended solvent for cleaning my D. Some riders use a dedicated branded chain cleaner. It’s essentially the part that connects your motor to your back wheel, so careful maintenance is key to keeping your bike moving. I like your idea, and it is how Id try to do it if I was looking to do a flush. Leathers hang patiently, helmets seem to buzz in anticipation and garage doors are poised on standby. It can take unsealed paint off. soak another clean section and repeat until the rag quits discoloring. MFR vs. Riders, greetings to you all. Most popular is the usage of WD-40. Either way, this is mainly to protect the metal-on-metal contact. I see that most folks here recommend kerosene for cleaning the chain prior to lubing it. It won’t harm O, X & Z rings or plastics. 2. Motul chain clean 5 Lexan ® Polycarbonate Cleaning Instructions When Lexan sheet is first installed, glazing compound and masking paper adhesive can be easily removed by applying naphtha (VM &P) or kerosene with a soft cloth, followed immediately with a thorough soap and water cleaning. It extends the life of your whole drivetrain and greatly improves shifting and overall drivetrain function. Amazon's Choice for "kerosene" . Usually petrol/kerosene are the best cleaning products. So for all intent and purposes, WD-40 is mostly kerosene. WD 40 for cleaning Motorcycle; I'm a cyclist and treat a motorcycle chain the way I would my bicycle chain. Owing to its ABS and nylon material along with the excellent design, it makes the cleaning process very easy for the user. I guess I will be using a mineral based Oring safe cleaner like Motul chain cleaner for the start of next season. It is recommended that the chain is regularly cleaned and oiled for safe and sound running of the motorcycle. Dry the Chain. Ari from MC garage let an O ring from a chain sit in WD40 for three months and it didn't affect it in any way. RK recommends that you douse a rag with the mineral based O ring cleaner and wipe the dirt off the chain. Several cleaning products exist for use on your bike. Also for heavily soiled parts, immerse in fluid and soak for 12-24 hours. Again, there are loads of powerful spray-can products, which generally do a good (though pricey) job. Make sure the chain is dry and clean when you begin. Its safe to paint and the best cleaner you could ever use. Just make sure you re-lube when its back on the bike. If the machine is still warm from use, grab a cup of tea and wait until the engine and exhaust system cool off. Guys, here I have tried to describe about ” Motorcycle Washing Tips & Cleaning Techniques nothing wrong with cleaning the chain in petrol. Unlimited Rider Motorcycle Bike Chain Cleaning Tool - Multi-purpose for All Bikes - Works Great with Degreasers - Great Brush Action Grime Minister Chain Brush Red 4. After analyzing, thinking, and remembering the treatment of the chain. I recommend using Kerosene to chain cleaners as it provides much deeper cleaning. Kerosene will do a good job cleaning most chains but pay particular attention not to soak your O-ring chain in the solvent. Motorcycle chain endures heavy abuse and undergoes a lot of wear and tear. This easy to I use kerosene to clean motorcycle chain. Use kerosene to clean OK, then wipe it dry. To clean a bicycle chain, remove the chain from your bike by sliding out the pin holding the master link closed. After cleaning, you must lubricate your X-Ring or O-Ring chain with D. Place your chain into a bottle containing degreaser, then put the lid on the bottle and shake the container for several minutes. Add a handful The chain is already off the bike, so soaking would be much easier than spraying. With that in mind, let’s take a look into some of the best motorcycle Kerosene is more flammable, less viscous and less smelly, but I have never used it for cleaning. I've also used kerosene on a cloth to get rid of road grime, tar, and any lube that may sling from the chain. Get the best price with fast shipping on Simple Solutions The Grunge Brush at BikeBandit. The brush features a 3-sided brush for cleaning the chain as well as a long 2" brush for getting into tight areas around sprockets and chain guides. It in no way harms rubber or ring seals. or you can also use kerosene or diesel for the purpose. Now how do I keep my motorcycle's chain maintained? I use kerosene or petrol to first clean the chain thoroughly. Motorcycle Chain Maintenance from the UK's leading online bike store. Cleaning and lubricating a motorcycle chain is one of the easiest ways to dip your feet into bike maintenance. Comprehensive guide to the best motorcycle chain lubricant and cleaners on the Therefore, I'd grab a small can of Kerosene and give the chain a good clean  It might be useful as a solvent to clean the chain before applying a proper . 1994-2003 Honda Magna VF750C Chain Cleaning and Lube For years I thought I was doing my ride a favor by spraying some wax on the chain after every ride, but never cleaned it. The best way I found to clean a motorcycle chain, is to get yourself a shallow pan that will hold the chain, and then buy a gallon of kerosene and use that to clean the chain. So now your bike is clean & ready for regular ride. Basically, spraying this stuff on your chain is worse than using no lubricant at all! Obviously, I strongly recommend using chain oil purchased from your local bike shop. Why cant you use gasoline instead? The main reason I ask is because I have gas handy, I don't have kerosene handy, and I would rather not store another container of flammable stuff. I went through 6 chains before I asked the motorcycle shop what kind of shitty chains they were selling me. Free UK SDoc100 Exclusive Motorcycle Cleaning & Maintenance Kit. I do use WD40 for cleaning most everything else though that does not have a high speed rolling surface. Do not use kerosene, brake cleaner, motor oil or any caustic chemicals. The intent of this study is to determine if A "grunge" brush and kerosene. It's a great cleaner and degreaser. Cleaning your motorbike chain is very important because this component of your vehicle must always be lubricated. Do not attempt to force kerosene into the pin-bush cavity. Cleaning the Chain Properly; The second step is to clean the chain. Chain technology has moved on over the years and there are many different types of chain available - all designed to do a job - ie. I cleaned my motorcycle chain with kero the other day. Then apply fresh lube. Using a degreaser in conjunction with a chain cleaner tool or brush will help to easily get your chain sparkling clean. And NEVER use a wire brush—it can destroy those precious o-rings. Maintenance Cleaning To clean your Tsubaki chain, it is first necessary to raise the motorcycle on its centre stand with the engine off and the transmission in neutral. In the past, factory service manuals recommended soaking dirty chains in kerosene. You can do it without using the stand. From motorcycle handlebars to mirrors and other various motorcycle accessories, BikeMaster products are made of top quality materials that give you a lot of bang for your buck. 0 out of 5 stars 10. Use the spray detailer, and a microfiber cloth to clean the bike, then use the spray wax and microfiber cloth to wax/buff it. Whats people lookup in this blog: So you can greatly increase the durability of your chain and sprocket with regular cleaning and lubrication. RK Chain recommends cleaning a non-sealed chain with only a mineral based O ring safe chain cleaner. And it could prove really spendy in the long run. (For a quick video explaining all you need to know about different motorcycle chains, check out our Motorcycle Chains Crash Course. Bike Chain Cleaner Brush - Dedicated Tools for the Maintenance of your Precious Bike! This bike chain cleaner brush is a dedicated tool which eases up the procedures for cleaning the bike chain. kerosene motorcycle chain cleaning kit ipone chain cleaner I spray mine down with kerosene (common ingredient in motorcycle chain degreasers and wont harm O-rings) and use a grunge brush to knock the dirt/grease off. When a chain is full of dirt and sand it acts as sand paper and slowly rubs/grinds down between your chain and the sprocket to wear it down quicker. Chain is scrubbed with kerosene using a 3-sided Hi People. A cheaper option is to use kerosene or diesel fuel. ). Pour in a couple of quarts of kerosene. Soft wasted cloth 4. Kerosene is a good and cheap chain cleaning solvent. And then wipe off additional lubricants from the areas. This stuff works awesome on getting all that chain lube that is splattered all over your rear wheel. Lubricate the inner portion of the chain where the rollers meet the sprockets. WD-40 contains some sort of oil like kerosene, so it acts as a solvent and eats away at dirt and muck, cleaning the chain, while keeping the chain lubed. They were removed cleaned in Dissolvents like kerosene, etc. The chain life would be shorten when rain, snow, dust, antifreeze agent etc. The multi-faceted, ergonomically-shaped brush is designed to clean 3 sides of the chain at any one time, its bristles penetrate deep between links and rollers for a deeper clean, which all help to keep your chain in optimum condition for longer. They may contain harsh detergents or chemical solvents that could damage your bike’s metal, paint, and plastic. Bike I've used conventional spray chain cleaner (kerosene/ paraffin based I  The right tools to work on your motorbike chain. After cleaning, use Repsol Cadenas chain spray, does not fling off and you will notice the difference, pag spray para syang WD40 na nag penetrate sa mga rollers. I'm from Australia and just bought a 2016 Gsx-r750. Many V-Strom riders report long chain life using $5 DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant from Lowe's. I've found that kerosene along with a slightly over-sized toothbrush is the best for cleaning the chain. New to this forum. For cleaning, try just wiping with a dry rag. These are great products for cleaning your motorbike, including the chain. And BTW, don't be lazy with your chain. WD40 is perfectly fine for cleaning your chain. Just cleaned the tiger chain . 3. Ever since I had the 650R, I used PJ1 Super Cleaner. @Dhiraj - WD-40 is not more effective in cleaning than kerosene since it is 50% to 80% kerosene itself , with added light propellants & light lubricatiing oils . 067 kilometers distance. Ideally it would clean the chain if the chain is removed from the motorcycle, but it is, of course, quite impractical. Apply plenty of cleaner to the chain. Choose a solvent that is easy on the environment (and you). !! Initially when cleaning the chain by using the well-known brand dish washing soap, the dirt stuck not go away. You'll need a torque wrench to remove your rear . Wash the chain with paraffin (Kerosene), a soft brush and a piece of cloth and remove  But I'm going through cans like crazy and figured I would save some money if I used kerosene to clean the chain and then used the dupont to  Motorcycle Chain Maintenance from the UK's leading online bike store. Kerosene is not a good lubricant, but it's good for dissolving the greaser in a chain, and has long been used for cleaning chains. Cleaning the chain used to be a lengthy and laborious exercise. How do you guys set up for a chain cleaning session to prevent a messy situation? How do you guys clean the brush/rags after? If the cleaning lube comes with a cleaning agent, it could remove dirt and grime that reduces the chain’s efficiency. This article will provide you step-by-step procedure to clean and lube a motorcycle chain. Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber Review It makes cleaning the chain a simple part of washing the bike rather than a whole seperate task of removing the chain, cleaning the chain, and Granted lubing right after will change the results that I showed above somewhat. It took a very thorough cleaning with kerosene to get my chain looking clean after applying this chain lube several times. This is to utterly obliterate the last vestiges of chain grime on the chain. Not to resurrect a age-old subject (i. Theyregarding a tiny more costly than straight kerosene, probably abandoned create cleaning the chain slightly easier, but arrive in a easy to make a get your hands on of to aerosol can. wow this got so over complicated lol. Your Motorcycle's Chain and Sprockets do a good job in cleaning Drive chain maintenance This is a dirty chore that gets done wrong more often than right - probably because it is a dirty chore. kerosene and diesel work fine for cleaning O-ring chains I actually brought back to life a chain recently with diesel, it was bad, sticking, and getting tight and lose as it rotated. A neglected chain frequently subjected to rain can become problematic after only 3,000 miles. Photography by Todd Westover. Do not use kerosene or motor oil because that can damage the seals. Posted 6 years ago. 31 May 2008 When I installed my new rear tire, I decided to clean my chain. This clumpy mess (paste) is actually suspending dirt particles and grinding away on your chain/sprockets as you ride. Rinse it out with water and let it dry. Cleaning Your Chain Cleaning a chain is a simple, straight forward process and critical first step in waxing a chain. I've heard of people saying "it's an O-Ring chain and doesn't need any lubrication". I know there are biodegradable cleaners available, such as some citrus-based solvent I have to clean bicycle parts, but those come in small and expensive containers, and I could easily use a quarter- to a half-litre of fluid to clean, say, motorcycle chain, depending on the degree of contamination. Repeat on though spots. All motorcycle chains currently being manufactured use Buna-N  2 Dec 2013 Clean any dirt out of the chain tool with some more kerosene. After cleaning the chain in diesel (recommended over kerosene) spray a bit of WD40 (it's main constituent is something like Diesel) on normal chains. In all, it’s a pretty simple process that should only take about 15 minutes or so, but will go a long way in extending And here's the thing. How to Lube/Oil A Motorcycle Chain. Get your local bike shop to inspect yours with every service. You should clean your chain with Kerosene. What's the difference between gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc? For example, a chain with just one carbon atom in it (CH 4) is the lightest chain, known as methane. Chain Wax or Chain Lube? Most chains are pre-lubed and the o-ring seals in the oil and keeps water and dirt out of the links. Let the chain soak in the degreaser for up to 20 minutes, then wipe away the excess degreaser with a rag. Kerosene is flammable but not as flammable as gasoline. In the US, "paraffin" means candle wax. The quality of your chain. Use an alloy wheel cleaning brush in the cleaning process to ensure you remove the grit/silt grinding paste like film from inside of the links. Kerosene is effective at removing old lubricant and debris. I have just done my first cleaning/lubing. Across 4 bikes, for 2 years I used kero and an old toothbrush and I kept those things mint. Re-soak the chain in a cleaning agent (kerosene or chain cleaner). Tirox Chain Degreaser / Cleaner is formulated to remove heavy residue and deposits efficiently from chains, sprockets, rims and swing arms. But the idea of cleaning is actually to clean the chain externals and get that micro-dust out from between the link plates. For chains which are still usable, soak them in SAE 40 or 50 automotive engine oil (without additives). Motorcycle Gadgets Newsletter Spring 2011 Chain Cleaning. Do you remove your chainguard (if you even have one on your bike) or do you work around it? With my old bikes I'd always remove it but it seems on the Mess Reducer for Motorcycle Chain Cleaning: My previous motorcycles had a chain with a break link, so for cleaning I removed the chain and washed it in a plastic container. The vibration gets all of the grit out of the rollers. I would tend to agree with you, except that the kerosene would then not circulate very well. Again, diesel, or #2 home heating oil, both very similar products can be used and will not harm any chain I have experience with. As you said though it does have to be replied often. Sram chain cleaning in kerosene question in Mechanics' Lounge. Ran the chain through the brushing 4 or 5 cycles of the chain while redipping the brush. Re-spray the Chain. It can me bought at hardware stores and home stores. Hassan March 21, 2013. Interestingly, my R1 manual says I should clean my chain with kerosene. I use kerosene on motorcycle chains because it won't dry out the o-rings. While cleaning and lubing can be done with both wheels on the ground, it is a bit of a pain having to roll it to get to all of the chain. Learn how to lube your motorcycle chain and so much more. Gear. Many home grown solutions exist as to the best method to clean and lube an O-ring type chain. Just spray it on rim/chain, rub them with the included sponge and rinse. Tirox 360 Chain Brush This is without doubt the fastest, most effective, most meticulous, precise and systematic method for giving your chain a thorough cleaning. Secondly, kerosene can leave a film, and that makes it more difficult for the chain lubricant to attach itself to the chain's surface. Use a motorcycle chain cleaner. If I have to work on a bike with a really grungy chain I start with a grunge brush All About Motorcycle Drive Chain-Sprocket & it’s Maintenance. …" I keep reading that "the manual says to use kerosene. Step Two: Apply the cleaner. It also stops the chain cover rusting from inside . uk: Car & Motorbike. So now cleaning with kerosene bottle attached to a sprayer, chain brush, a piece of clean cotton cloth rag and few drops of 90 grade gear oil applied with a toothbrush. After the kerosene and propellant evaporates , it will leave a film of that lube . Not sure how it would work on chain wax or DuPont chain saver but I'd certainly give it a go: it's a powerful degreaser Fly The Motul chain lube appears to keep the o-rings lubricated okay, but it builds up a lot of road grime onto the chain. Select the right chain lube for your riding and vary it depending on seasons and road conditions. Most of the articles about this subject recommend using kerosene and a brush, but kerosene is smelly, nasty stuff, it doesn’t come in a spray can and it isn’t something that’s routinely stocked in the home garage. Clean any dirt out of the chain tool with some more kerosene. BikeMaster produces motorcycle parts and accessories for every need. That said, doing just as you claimed, then refilling with oil will maintain some kerosene residues that will have solvency. Vertex Kerosene can also be used as a heating fluid. If you don’t have a chain cleaner, you can get away with using kerosene on a clean rag. Repeat steps 2-5 until the kerosene no longer becomes dirty after the chain is run through. Use your free hand to slowly rotate the closest pedal, inspecting individual chain links for dirt buildup, rust and/or tight links (links that do not bend easily as they pass through the rear derailleur). com. Use only enough chain lube or chain wax for a thin, continuous layer. Kerosene is cheap, new motorcycle chains are not. Then rotate the rear wheel of the motorcycle (using care to keep your fingers away from the sprockets and chain), spray a moisture displacement lubricant to one side of the chain. vin diesel pic wins post of the day though. In this MC: What about cleaning the chain? Almost all the OEMs and chain manufacturers recommend cleaning the chain with kerosene. So you can see why getting your hands on some motorcycle chain lube is a must. The WD actually removed the grunge better than Simple Green. I use Dawn to wash the bike, chain and everything. Cleaning and lubing a motorcycle chain is a basic maintenance procedure unless you have a shaft drive. (Includes the Kerosene Recycling Stand): Cautions - I use kerosene to clean my chain. And I'm using an auto chain oiler, so need to spray with lube. It shouldn’t be any more than 10 or 12 bucks, and it’s the best thing you can buy for your bike. This technique is a superficial method of cleaning compared to the full method of removing your chain and soaking it in solvent or by using a bike chain cleaner. Step 1 The best time to clean your chain is after a ride when it’s good and warm. Pour the dirty kerosene into the plastic milk jug. co. Then use a good quality chain wax or lube to protect the chain. DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser, 11 oz: For chains and sprockets Hi guys. One tip is to never use any kind of liquid gasoline. Shazaam's Tech Library - Chain Cleaning . Once the cleaning is done, let the chain dry off the Clean A Bicycle Chain Without Special Cleaning Tools. Add chain, seal tight and shake it around. Kerosene is comparatively much cheaper to 2) Get a sealable plastic or glass jar or container that'll the chain will fin into. David Galloway kerosene, a paint brush and a drop sheet. Clean your sprockets at the same time you clean your chain, and dry everything thoroughly before lubricating. The need for a best motorcycle chain cleaner in a biker’s life is undeniable. For the mountain bike I simply give it a shot of Orange Peelz or Chain Brite and hit it with tooth brush. April 2005. Okay, but WD-40 isn't 100 percent kerosene, and there might still be something in that secret formula that will cause your chain's O-rings to swell up and die. Some tools are needed to complete this work: rags, kerosene chain cleaning agent that will not harm the O-ring seal, old toothbrush or special chain cleaning brush, rear wheel bracket, chain lubricating oil, a piece of paper shell and rubber gloves. All motorcycle chains currently being manufactured use Buna-N (nitrile) rubber for their o-rings and x-rings, and all these manufacturers recommend kerosene (commonly called paraffin in the UK) as a cleaner. Be careful with Tar and Bug remover. Old rag/cloth for cleaning the chain; Chain Lube “Spray Can” if you are using Kerosene; As shown in the image cut open an old cardboard box and place it under the bike to keep your parking lot clean. The best part about using kerosene is that it will clean your chain amazingly quick, saving you lots of  WD-40 400ml Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner: WD-40: Amazon. 30 May 2011 Thread: Cleaning motorcycle chain & sprocket instead of kerosene, we can use WD 40, which is more effective to clean the chain Replace  On my dirt bike (DRZ400), I clean the chain with WD-40 and a large sure you thoroughly clean all old oil, lube from chain with kerosene. In most cases, a rusty motorcycle chain is not a safety issue. 99 $ 6 . 7. WD-40 is also great when it comes to cleaning grease, grime and other marks from most surfaces. bros, don't use used oil for your chain, mas madaling makasira at makalat. An example is an automatic oiling gizmo by Scottoiler. Motorcycle Chain Maintenance: Which Chain Cleaner Is Best? To clean, some folks swear by kerosene, some WD-40. If you in fact agonized to go all out, you can mitigation a specially formulated motorcycle chain cleaner, such as Motul Chain Clean or Motorex Chain Clean. Used it on my KLX110L chain with kerosene and dried it really good Honda CBR 1000RR Chain Maintenance. Let it sit for a while then scrub. The Tusk Chain Brush is a durable brush for cleaning motorcycle and ATV chains. It melts some kinds of rubber gloves and causes immediate damage to the skin. When you clean a sealed chain, you will need to take care to avoid damaging the rubber seal. Leaves no residue, which may help prevent the buildup of grit. Although I've never tried it, I just won't take a chance personally. Spray Detailer, Spray Wax, Kerosene, Maxima Chain Wax. I like a clean chain. However excess grease can accumulate i Cleaning and lubricating your drive chain will extend the working life of your motorcycle drive chain and sprockets. Regular cyclists will likely perform a chain cleaning every week or two, or at least once every 200 miles or so, depending on how much riding is being done and under what conditions. Motorcycle chain brush. WD 40 will not damage o-rings and is perfectly safe to use as a cleaner on a chain. Just be aware the kerosene is flammable and you need to use it outside, not in your garage. It had been so long since I saw the original chain, I thought it was black. You can also use kerosene or WD-40 to clean it as long as you are careful. Cleaning You will need the following tools for effective cleaning: Cleaning spray: you can use a specialized chain cleaner or kerosene Motorcycle chain brush Dry cloth Apply your cleaning spray all over the chain, making sure to get it in everywhere. (everybody, please don't turn this into another WD40 thread) I was just wondering why Tim did go the usual rout for cleaning the chain while on the bike. Your bike's chain need regular lubrication, cleaning and adjustment. Fill the chain cleaning device with kerosene. I'm getting confused in what to use to clean a motorcycle chain with O-rings. I usually clean my bike once per week. After lubing leave the motorcycle for a brief period. Q: How To Clean A Motorcycle Chain? A: Cleaning a motorcycle chain is an essential task. How Often You Need To Clean And Lube Chain? If your chain gets dirty it is necessary to clean and lube the Oh, also, for chain cleaning I've used a scrub brush and Simple Green and I've also used WD-40. I don't even take it off the bike. Here I’ll try to illustrate some simple but major issues of motorcycle drive chain & sprockets, and also the maintenance procedures of the drive chain considering our local aspect. No overspray needed to be wiped off the tire or other motorcycle parts. Measure the slack in the chain by pulling the lower chain down, pressing the upper chain up, and getting the measurement of the gap in between the two opposite chain rivets. Quick question. Choose a lube that's right for your bike based on the conditions you'll be riding it in. Avoid cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for motorcycle or car surfaces. 8 Nov 2017 So I stopped buying those lubes and cleaners. I have been a little obsessed lately with keeping the chain clean, and have been cleaning it about every few hundred miles. Regular chain maintenance ensures prolonged life and smooth operation of your drive system. I know the owners manual suggests kerosene to clean the chain, which i have always used to do so. Much easier to clean the chain on the SV650 while fitted to the bike, but I wanted less kero(the method I use) going al Ideally a mix of 1 part engine oil (say SAE 40) and 3 parts kerosene would make for a good chain cleaning agent. DO NOT use kerosene or WD-40 as a cleaner or lubricant for sealed chains. PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube Bel-Ray Motorcycle Chain Lubricant. Here's how to clean a motorcycle chain. Any moving part of your bike needs to be cleaned and lubricated by cleaning fluids, and whether it's the bike fork, bike brakes or bike chain, they all need some TLC. Is this harmless? Cleaning a non sealed chain is the same as a sealed chain. Worked extremely well! Worked just as well as the Motul Chain Cleaner, and it's only a fraction of the cost! I did notice that some of the kero stays on the chain even after rinsing with water and wiping with a rag. A clean well-lubed chain will last approximately three times longer than its unloved counterpart; it’s as simple as that. (Includes the Kerosene Recycling Stand): Cautions - I use kerosene to clean my Cleaning your chain makes your bike work better, look better and it prolongs  9 Jul 2014 Cleaning and lubricating a motorcycle chain is one of the easiest . First of all, in order to properly maintain your chain, you’ll need to know what kind of chain your bike is running with. Every riding a motorcycle 500km or after riding in a rain condition, please proceed the maintenance of RK chain for maintaining a proper chain life. But, on the chance that some may not know the proper techniques, and since I was due one anyway, I decided to document it. And while with modern chains such as the O-ring and X-ring chain, lubrication is provided by grease sealed into the working area between the O-rings, you still need to lubricate the areas Along with changing your motorcycle oil, learning how to clean and lube a motorcycle chain is one of the first forays into proper motorcycle maintenance for a lot of new riders. I use kerosene on the chain, unlike most motorcycle owners, I don't assume that I can outwit Suzuki's engineering department on a hunch. Cleaning the engine on your motorcycle is a great DIY project that will save you a lot of money versus taking the bike to a professional detail shop. I usually use an old rag and soak it with kerosene and wipe it over the chain until the chain is clean. Instead, clean the chain using a toothbrush and remove layers of dirt as much as possible. dont event need to break the chain. kerosene motorcycle some people say remove the chain and soak it in diesel or kerosene, as that will clean it off, but I don't like taking chains on and off motorbikes, in case they snap at the breaker link. I just gotta soak it in some gear oil after the kerosene dries. If the chain is particularly dirty, I’ll pour some kerosene into a squirt bottle to apply the cleaner more direclty. If you use chain lube instead of wax, use it sparingly. This repair help article will walk you through each step of cleaning and lubing a drivetrain. I suppose it's not completely water soluble. Kerosene is a great cleaner for motorcycle chains. It will not hurt the Orings and it will remove any surface rust, dirt and grease. I am pretty sure you want our bike to run smoother which will offer you a satisfying riding experience. How to Clean a Motorcycle Chain. It’s best to use an old rag, soak it with kerosene and wipe it over the chain until the chain is clean. You're really just getting the outer surfaces of the chain so there are a couple of additional steps you can take to get your chain that much cleaner if you desire. Bike chains get dirty after few days of cleaning and it requires cleaning often and which is why picking up the best motorcycle chain cleaner is mandatory. Cleaning a Motorcycle Chain. RK Chain recommends cleaning a sealed chain with only a mineral based O ring safe chain cleaner. Cleaning the drive chain improperly can damage seal rings and ruin the drive chain. _ I wouldn't recommend it on plastics though. 50 Then had the idea of cleaning the chain with it: same result. Chain manufacturers have different ways of measuring chain wear. In order to properly clean the motorcycle chain, you should use a brush and kerosene. ) With the right tools cleaning your motorcycle chain is a quick and easy process which will extend the life of your chain and sprockets. A gallon will last you years too! 3. Don’t use water or fluids like thinner, spirit, WD40 or even diesel! Enclosed is a study to examine the effects of Chain link O-ring exposure to various solvent, cleaners, and lubrications. Do not use kerosene, brake cleaner, motor oil or any caustic chemicals  I tried out the paraffin thing (letting a thoroughly cleaned chain soak in that you just take your chain off and re-dip without cleaning needed. Whats the best technique for cleaning o-ring chains? Ive so far used a 3-sided Grunge Brush with some WD-40, put the bike on a crate and spin the wheel, making sure to spray and scrub each side of the chain thoroughly. , are attached onto the chain. Chain maintenance is one of the most controversial aspects of bicycle mechanics. Vertex Kerosene is a highly cost effective cleaning solution. Personally I'm sticking with kerosene on my chain cause I like how long the chain lube sticks afterwards vs using WD40. Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Guide; Did the job better than Kerosene! These bottles go fast though if you're like me and spray everything. While you can remove the chain from your bike in order to clean it, it is not necessary to remove rust. Some bike has no chain cover at all those bikers don't have to do this. Soap / general cleaner: Use diluted dishwashing soap or preformulated bike wash cleaner for frame cleaning. So which one is it or am I just over thinking this and that that it is the same thing? Apply recommended chain cleaner to clean the chain, if it is O-ring type chain then always use chain cleaner approved for O-ring chains. Time for a Check Up. Dry cloth. Not needed here . Just go down there and ask them for regular waterproof chain oil. cleaning motorcycle chain with kerosene

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