Setobjectsecurity failed 0x80070002

It has been going on for 2-3 weeks now and does not seem t Receiving error: "Distribution Manager failed to find or create the defined share of folder" Site two does fine. It is in the folder where all downloaded Windows updates are stored. Cleaning up these temporary files with Disk Cleanup might not only solve your 0x80070002 error, but can also dramatically speed up the performance of 12 May 2015 Or, the packageID folder may not even be created and the distmgr. The only thing we have, wait . GoogleUpdate. exe is the shell for the Omaha updater, and it does not contain the files. Will try to send the file again. For that, you just have to: great ! i had a brief look, and it is not listed as an issue that is fixed that I can see. This is not Dell  17 Mar 2016 CContentDefinition::TotalFileSizes failed; 0x80070003 3/17/2016 4:22:00 PM 10012 CSendFileAction::AddFileMetaData failed; 0x80070002 [1F88][Wed 02/24/2016 11:55:16]:MoveFile failed for \?\D:\SCCMContentLib\ DataLib\3507e7bf-6d45-4fd1-9fd1-cf12695d9340. Enter password when prompted before clicking “Continue”. One of my client had a special requirement to put Remote DP server on a domain controller. Task Sequences can be used to do just about anything you want them to, and can be a nice way to avoid using a bunch of batch scripts. The package only distributes to the local DP which is hosted on the SCCM Manager itself. He has accomplished MBA in Financial Markets and Master of Commerce (Management). Hello all, So unfortunatly its because the large amount of packages that are distributing at the same time . *** Delete Software Distribution Folder to Fix 0x80070002 The Software distribution folder is found on the C drive of your system. The DP was set up recently and was healthy. temp to  15 Nov 2017 On one of the client machines, the TS failed due to content not available on distribution point. log file you will get below erro OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. exe. , the only OSD issues are listed below Operating system deployment The Run Command Line task sequence action does not start if the package and deployment are configured to download all content locally before I am having an issue with a package that is not distributing to multiple DPs. SCCM Client failes with Software Updates: Issue:- Software updates failes without installing when you check the WUAHandler. Example 2: ADPREP cannot delete LDIF file Adprep was unable to complete because the call back function failed. 14 Mar 2016 INI [B84][Sun 03/13/2016 06:31:48]:CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; Error code: 0X80070002 This was due to the files already being in the  25 Oct 2013 During a new SCCM 2012 SP1 deployment for a customer, when deploying a WIM file to a new workstation the following error was . I was monitoring distmgr. log as I was doing this, and i saw SetObjectSecurity failed; 0x80070002 get repeated twice, but then it continued on and the package share was created successfully in SMSPKGE$ SCCM Driver Package contents do not distribute to DP Share An update to part of two other posts I made. log shows an error "SetObjectSecurity failed; 0x80070002". We had this installed to replace our Symantec antivirus and screwed up windows updating servers. msi in XYZ. Check the link mentioned below. As a tech enthusiast, he loves to write blogs on technology and computers during his spare time. Hello, Just letting you know that I have also had this same issue, and the above unfortunately didn't solve the problem for me. As a test, I made a new software package with a simple app, distributed it to one of my DP's and enabled the package share option. This issue is most commonly known to appear with users who have custom folders within their user profile library. I checked in distmgr. CA100001. ExecStaticMethod failed (80070002) SMS_DistributionPoint, AddFile CSendFileAction::AddFile failed; 0x80070002 Failed while trying to add the remaining file ABC. However, using the DISM tool led me to scrutinize the CBS. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 update information A resolution for this problem is available on the Windows Update Web site, on the Microsoft Update Web site, and from the Microsoft Download Center. Yeah, a lot of things in SCCM are labeled or explained badly. If this junk isn't occasionally cleaned out, it can cause Comodo Internet Security to respond slowly or provides an 0x80070002 error, possibly due to file conflicts or an overloaded hard drive. After some days, we have noticed that the DP is not getting updated and new packages are not getting replicated. log Hi, I am having a lot of action going on in distmgr. If the 110 and 0x80070002 strings match in an ADPREP /FORESTPREP failure, you have a probable match. Double-click (or right-click) on the service and change its setting from either disabled or manual to automatic before clicking “Start” if it is stopped. ) In particular, sfc and DISM never reported any errors. If the previous method did not help, you should check Date and Time settings because incorrectly set they may also cause 0x80070002 bug. When I did so, I noticed the following line: Search for “Services”. log file. ***EDIT 5/12/2015: ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1 does resolve this issue, but, at the moment, only if you import drivers with the builtin driver import wizard. I created another package and same results occur. The log has been flooded with CFileLibrary::RemoveFileUser failed; 0x80070003 and CFileLibrary::DeleteFileA failed; 0x80070003 errors. 1. Failed to install Distribution Point SCCM 1511 Recently trying to set back up a remote DP that was removed in the past due to reasons unrelated to the functionality of SCCM. Vikas Medhekar is an Indian Marathi. Search for “Windows Update Service” in the resultant Services window. After the company got it running my boss basically handed me the keys and said I was in charge of it and to figure out how to implement the rest of it (windows deployments and all that). log and find the following line: Failed to find a valid drive on the distribution point Cannot find or create the signature share Then cancels network connection to my DP Error code 0x80070002 or 0x80070003 is an issue with Windows Update which fails to install, and it might even give a message saying that the BITS Before the The system cannot find the file specified part of the message, you will get the path to the folder that is, according to Windows, causing the problem, and your backup will fail. Your question has been answered by “Linda Yan MSFT Moderator” on TechNet. This file, along with others, are included in the untagged GoogleUpdateSetup. My Nokia x3-02 restarts automatically almost every day what should i do now? please do help meIt probably is a software or hardware failure, however if this has happened from day one there is a chance that your simcard can cause this if it is faulty/ Errors in distmgr. Google Chrome Installer Failed to cache the downloaded installer Error: 0x80070002 I am trying to reinstall Google Chrome on my Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Laptop. log. We can see that the setup code fails to copy 3rdBenchSetup. What I had to do in addition to the above, was right click on the particular Operating System Image (found in Software Library > Operating Systems > Operating System Images), and select "Manage Access Accounts", and then add the SCCM Administrator account. Hi NubeeW7, Welcome to Microsoft Answers. Is there a way to force all Primaries and secondaries to receive first sources when a new package is implemented ? First, all the standard methods to fix WU failed (troubleshooter, manual reset of WU components, manual install of updates, sfc /scannow, DISM tool, etc. Walked through the Create Site System Server wizard and selected the Distribution Point service to install with IIS, PXE and Multicast all selected. setobjectsecurity failed 0x80070002

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