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Minimum threads coilovers

12 Jan 2010 Coilovers feature a threaded shock body. M14x1. 1. He also said the more orders the better his price would be (he would sub out the cutting of the plates) AZ Fixed Cup/Locking Collar Design (Unlike cheap coilovers, this feature will not change your ride heights, camber, or wear out your tires) Full Pillowball Mounts in the Front & Rear. 568". one of these threads was way overdue. com. Installation is pretty straight forward easier than doing a spring install as you are replacing the entire assembly up front. Just take a look at it and you should be able to figure it out. It's not on the road yet. The website I bought them from specifically said they are for 2011 Challengers but when I got them in I noticed that the box was labeled "06 Charger SRT" Obviously I thought there was a mix up so I called Megan racing and they too confirmed that those specific coilovers should fit my car. King OEM performance kit custom tuned to provide your vehicle with unparalleled levels of performance and ride quality. 6l your in the big leagues and it gets expensive. I know I'm going to want more ground clearance, but I'm not sure if I just want to raise up the coilovers, or if I should swap back to the stock suspension. I have the opportunity to pick up a set of used 17"x 7" Enkei DM5's. Saturday 7-28-18. Check for a minimum clearance of 3/8” between lock nut, spring seat and the axle per Figure 2 with the vehicle weight supported by the tires. Please give me your suggestion for best coilover. i had them sponsor mine with a custom-stiffer valving due to my winch/bumper and they sent me some resvrs for the back with the new billet clamps. good thick deck if unsure what cam was pushing on the springs might be worth while to install new springs I had Icon Vehicle Dynamics coilovers and rear shocks on my 4runner that was traded for my diesel P4X. Installation HOWTO Written by Noah Lehmann-Haupt nlh at noahlh dot com vwvortex username: noahlh Last updated: August 9, 2003 Introduction. I reached out to another last week that designs I assumed I would have the same amount of threads showing for each shock and that is not the case. As JSA mentioned, lots of threads on this here with opinions ranging from, "I've run rear coilovers for 20 years with zero reinforcing and it's been fine" all the way to "running rear coilovers requires a full roll cage tied to the front and rear shock mounts to support the chassis so it doesn't twist and bend where it wasn't designed to do so". This forum contains pricing, dealer feedback, latest incentives, and ordering information. The board software prevents those who do not meet the requirements from posting ads in this section. Once seated, thread the wiper cap down and tighten it, then tighten  Depends on what you're doing with the thread pool. They will make a depression in the isolator over time. I am now intending to purchase the Stanceparts Air Cup kit and was told by them via Instagram that, as long as there is a minimum of 3 inches left on the coilover body below the bottom locking collars holding the springs, I would be fine. Jdm coilovers provide less stroke compared to a european setup. Please ask us for more details if required It might be better for you to let us know what you are wanting as far as ride quality/dampening adjust ease/drop target/driving conditions and usage be it circuit, autox, casual play days, or just daily driver. 5" wheel (currently 10")ive had the hd torque arm in the box for a couple years and was planning to install it and go to ridetech airstruts so i can go lower and higher at will but im concerned about the "spring" rate on the airbags since MM specifies certain Front and Rear pair of coilovers (1 set) Adjustment Tools 1-Year Warranty. I'm going to organise another test ride next week to try it out, and then place my order - but what are the negatives to riding with the electronic suspension set on minimum versus the actual lowered suspension option? 1. This is me planning for the future. I've recently had Intrax coilovers fitted. After reading about a pretty bad failure (Jazzy MT), I decided against getting them. I got brabus springs, cheaper and does the job. The StreetPlus are a new entry in TruHart's coilover range. (In this example, the STI tap major diameter measures . . As for ^, why not? There are plenty of more affordable coilovers (BC Racing BR, KW V2, H&R Street, etc) that are very nice for a daily. From what I can find, about a 300-350# spring is about what I need (planning to order 325's to split the difference), but not sure where I need to place the upper mount for the coilovers. Assemble each strut exactly as they were on the stock Coilovers. 5 turns. AJE Suspension's Colt 65 Suspension Kit is a great way to install late model style suspension in your 1965-1970 Mustang. i have friends that have run them and were happy but Coilovers are so common now a days, lots of jeeps by me have complete coilover conversions. 5″ Shock cylinders are precision bored to within +/- . Unfortunately, 4 coilovers and 4 bypass shocks puts you over 5000 and that's running small diameter for both coilover and bypass. A lot of the forester specific stuff will just only barely get you to stock height (most of them just use longer lower threaded mounts and use the same cartridge/body) If you are strapped for cash but have/want a T-swap and still want to get most of the benefits of it (namely full travel) this may be a good alternative. *Replaces whole suspension unit (shocks and springs), minimum heights varies on coilovers, maximum height = about stock* 1. Mine are already under that at 28. They made our life and yours much easier by supplying custom mounting MS6 Suspension Data & DIY Bilstein Coilovers & Secondary Rear Sway Bar Here is another EXCELLENT thread from a Mazda 6 forum, where he is turning his regular 6 into a full blown racecar. So it's AGX at minimum. Here's what it looks like a couple threads from all the way down. A few things like better swaybar, better shocks, roller perches and making sure all your steering gear's in good shape would serve you quite well. Sold in sets of 4 coilovers. No, 5 threads is are not enough. ISC N1 Coilover Install writeup ISC Coilover review ISC N1 Coilover Review ISC Genesis Coupe Coilover Review Let’s talk about installing ISC Racing N1 Coilovers! Sold in sets of 4 coilovers. Bear in mind whenever you adjust the height you'll probably need to get them realigned again. Equipment component drawings should specify the type, length, and size of bolt, stud, bolt-stud, etc. I was surprised I could up-shift at such low mph/rpm. What is the min rear rotor thickness on 2006 Altima 2. So yes you will need alignment. 25 or 1. Coilovers in the Winter: Raise Coils or Swap Back to Stock? Looking for opinions from coilover users that live in areas with snow during the winter. Welcome to the SR20 Community Forum - The Dash. 6" from fender to center of wheel hub in the front and 12. It's not that hard. I don't notice the difference looking at it from the front of the vehicle. It gets a lot more involved though as you can see from the threads that have been referenced and many others on this board. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special D-Ma-31-Cs Mazda Rx-8 Tags: D2 CIRCUIT Series coilovers are designed for the circuit track enthusiast determined to go fast. but my rears did not fit. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. They have adjustable height, so they quite possibly can be the same height as standard. What is the minimum amount of new parts required to complete the front differential swap? What is the expected lifetime of these coilovers, with normal (maybe somewhat spirited) street use? A long time ago I was looking into getting Megan Racing CO for my 2009 OB. Keep in mind, that's the minimum. 9. Coilovers, camber kits, thinker sway bars, strut braces, any if these will help. GB pricing is $1225. But what is the purpose of Ring 2? Minimum Suspension List. If you fancy a kit, have a chat to Ian at Litchfield who has tested all the Bilstein kit on the 'Ring in his old e92 M3. 5", because i cant find them . I've met a couple of those guys years ago when they came by to buy some stuff years ago from me. I only want 1. We don't have snow in the mountains yet here, but clearance should still be pretty good (comparable to the A4 I had previously, in fact). The maximum cargo capacity of a 2019 Silverado 2500 HD is 3233 lbs. Features and Benefits of Elka Shocks and Coilovers: Built from CNC-machined and forged aluminum parts, aluminum bodies and premium-quality internal components; Elka incorporates the use of an internal rebound coil within the shock that eliminates the harsh top out clunk at full extension With the classic mustangs, coilovers work great - but you can make the factory suspension work very very well for a whole lot less money. It may be partly the wide tires I'm running (18x8 et 45, 235 40r18 Michelin Ps4s) but I couldn't get the back to a height where it didn't rub. The factory shocks are low end entry level offroad shocks. swap with full length coilovers, Alcan rear springs. Been trying to achieve 340mm from fender to centre of rim. com is a community dedicated to the Cadillac CTS-V. No need for anything else for use on the road as far as I'm concerned. ride height using Speedway Motors coilover shock ride height mockup tool. That's the best it will EVER be and you have to buy a stripped down These shocks include FK bearings, billet top cap & rod ends, 7/8" shafts for strength, and the industry only forged stem on a 2. There are scratches in the finish of the springs, top hats and lower mounts. Large 3/4" or 7/8" diameter shafts have a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 pounds per square inch. 17 Jun 2019 Going with a coilover shock can be a great option since they can be tuned . Regardless, it looked like an easy enough project for me to take on. This kit includes all of the main components needed to upgrade your suspension, excluding the 1987-2004 spindles. Ummmm Want to learn how to make your car handle better? If so then here's a fundamental lesson on how a coilover works. You can get them if you like, but i've talked to few people with k-sport and they are happy with it. The stock shocks are on the front side of the axle. No need to lose your EDC function when you fit coilovers. On my R26 it has BC coilovers and the height is adjustable. Guess you can just do minimum and suffer later after you put it on dyno and don't get the numbers you expected or burn a piston. A search of this site found how to threads of people installing these on s30's, z31's and 510's, but couldn't find any evidence of it done to a S130. The rules that MUST be followed are posted here. Adjust the height and then tighten. I have MM front coiloversPH bar, SFC etci want to lower the car a little more (im at 25" to fender now) and upgrade to a 10. The one that needs a minimum order of 5 would be having the top plate water cut. 1" in the rear. it’s a daily driver, I already have (not installed) a set of 3” remote res King coilovers that’s supposed to fit this truck What rear shocks are people running on cars with coilovers? I bought a coilover set and the rear shocks were just standards that came with it so I bought some uprated "sports" off ebay, yes only cheap ones but thought theyd be stiffer etc, theyre just 25% shorter and now even with the coilovers wound right up, the rear wheels sit just inside the arch which is too low for what I want. DTS recommends going no lower than 13. The adjustable track bar with bearings not only improves rigidity over flexible factory joints, but offers adjustability to center the front axle under the truck. Rule of Thumb is that the strut cartridge should be screwed in approximately the diameter of the threaded adapter - so, about 2" as a minimum. K11 Coilovers. At most part, the BC Coilovers are shipped factory pre-loaded so you don't have to mess with it. For coil overs you would need a link bar setup. The kit can be used with rear coilovers and Dave's Customs Unlimited rear outboard shock tower kit or rear coil springs with OUR universal upper mounts and OUR lower coil mounts . bash him for having a 7th gen and dickride 6th gens just leave the thread. At least 20mm of the threaded section must remain in contact with the thread on the damper body. I'm giving up on the third set of lowering springs I've installed. The car was dirty but still looks great! Look great, ride great. Morning, @Challenger Port. I've got a 1983 s10 blazer 2wd 5sp 2. see also: Dampers Impreza Suspension Race Springs. Which is why I posted the question. Forum for threads about purchasing a F56 Mini Cooper. 8" in the rear. Mounting the coil over is as easy as having a frame and axle mount. Coilover shocks come in many different brands, sizes and configurations, however, the setup and installation is the same for all coilovers and this guide will walk you through that process. I say possibly as they cannot be raised over a certain height (each brand is different) as this will damage them (just like they cant be lowered to much). Some people add a stiffer spring to compensate for this feeling, and have some success, but cause other issues in the process. i   Buddy Club Racing Frequently Asked Questions. I just backed the nut off until it was only on by about 3 threads and that was enough. Depending on where and how your winters are, the absolute worst thing that could happen is having your threads seized due to rust and dirt. keep them coming so we can compile a library. Coilover kit from Ground Control fitted to Datsun struts Album click to view The dealer says that setting the electronic suspension on "minimum" would be all I need, and not to get the lowered suspension. Just confirmed with Fox Shocks the coil over can only be adjusted with a spring compressor and since the reservoir hose is in the middle of the collar I have to remove from coil over from the truck to adjust. But if I could pick a set of these up new for around £115 (fitting myself so £115 all in) are they worth it? Or should I just save my money for some APs? I bought a set of DGR coilovers a while back. Tein sells these "rubber spring seats" for $9. Finally have pics of the BC Coilovers and installed on a Cayenne. Lowering springs will bother you because it's not giving you the exact result you want. They are hard chromed and micro-polished to a 6 RA finish for extended seal life. Find exclusive deals on hot Rod Suspension, Lift Kits, Lowering Kits, Lambo Doors at AirBagIt - Popular Air suspension Solutions. The integrated aluminum top mounts will not only give you a firmer ride but make installation easier as well. A little note here about ride height with the DTS coilovers. I know now that you have to loosen up the Top ring and Ring one together. so what i want to know is what the minimum drop would be on these. Most folks use 25%, not 20%. 950” threaded length). Can anyone tell me what the minimum modifications that needs to be done to a 2007 f150 2wd pick up to “look” like this truck? It will rarely be used on dirt. I find the 550 rate springs to be far too soft for performance driving, but recently word on the street is that QA1 released 600 and 650 rates. I really wish BDS had told be this in the beginning. Would say coilovers will make more of a difference over arb's and ALK. Internally threaded top cap design threads over the shock body to enable maximum piston travel inside the shock body. The sport model to have a comfortable drive even in the winding road. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you are not building a race-only car, and that you're looking for coilovers for your car that you can take to the track once in a while. Took a few tries and 2 blown shock mounts in the rear to get the right adjustment on the shock. hey, thanks for the reply. Or if you need a coilover to hold your truck up that doesn't suck while getting your nice coilovers rebuilt, these are what you want. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > Classifieds - buy & sell (no commercial ads please) > For Sale: Suspension/Wheels/Tires > *SOLD*4th gen Toytec Ultimate coilovers and rear Bilstein 5125's $450-Rio Rancho, New Mexico 10 mm at most is the minimum drop quoted from suppliers, couldn't tell you though as I've never had coilovers on full lift. anyone know? X2 on tires. 9 May 2019 (3/4-16 Threaded 4-Link Rod End has 1. Full soft to full stiff compression is over 350% difference SCARY BAD PRODUCT! BUY PARTS SHOP MAX COILOVERS INSTEAD! THE ISC COILOVERS LOOK PRETTY, BUT THEY STOP BEING GOOD ONCE YOU GET PAST THE LOOKS. It might have something to do with the front coilovers being off, not sure. TruHart StreetPlus coilovers feature a durable zinc coating with an integrated aluminum top mount (on most applications). sorry but im not caught up in the hype of "overpaying" for coilovers. They were using the same shocks and mounts for the aw11 and the zzw30. 18 Jun 2015 Icon) to this procedure, so at the minimum if you find nothing else on . NOTE: that the kit does not include the struts themselves, just the spring seats & coils. 4375” thick jam . I just picked up a set and had a local joint install them, but the magnum is sitting WAY low in the rear, and they told me they couldn't raise it more without fear of running off the threads on the collar. Ken at godspeed is pretty well known in the 8thgen community. Attached is a picture of the coilover with the 3 rings labeled. TIA! On a similar note: has anyone found a good source for OE rotor replacements? In the past, I've bought stock front rotors from the mailorder department at Pacific BMW. SOLD 2004 BC Coilovers Question - Height adjustment, Not long enough? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. T. The Bilstein B14 PSS Suspension for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT86 allows adjustable vehicle ride height without the expense of a fully adjustable damping system. Thread the adjustable perches close to the aluminum base. When installed into the larger repair threads, the wire forms a set of threads engineered to meet the original dimension of the stripped-out hole. Coilovers will last well over 100k, do not need maintenance, and will not wear out your shocks, all springs will wear stock shock out, H and R springs are made for VW also and only$200, get coilovers and be done with it, springs are the cheap way to do things, hence why they pre wear shocks I have had them both, to each is own by the way never had a coilover require maintance or have the I have a 2000 ek and looking to buy coilovers. Actually I talked to a guy named John first who runs the Roehrig shock dyno and does rebuilds and custom valving jobs. These are a direct replacement for the stock spring/shock combo. Hi guys, Want to put adjustable coilovers in my s2k, little more low, stiffness, etc. Wyatt This is going to be my first impressions of the Tein Street Basis Z Coilovers. 3mm. Features I can tell you that the driver's side of my truck is 1" lower than the passenger's side in the back. If all you want is to join "STANCE NATION", then go to a machine shop and have them weld up some steel to replace your entire spring/shock setup as it'll ride better and last longer than the crap coilovers that are out there. Just got the new Next Generation Motorsports "Beta-Max" coilovers in yesterday and had a customer swing by for install first thing this morning. SR20 Community Forum - The Dash. 0 Front and Rear Shocks (07+Tundra) King’s new line of Original equipment manufacturer, (OEM), shock upgrade kits provide a bolt on suspension system that elevates your on and off-road performance to unmatched levels. I really see no difference with these. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. They didn't fit right. In addition KW coilovers can go lower than just about any other brand and allow you to set your car to a "slammed look", "sporty look", or anywhere in between. 0  16 Feb 2014 The Official Fortune Auto 500 Series Generation 5 Coilover Thread . I actually have whiteline swaybars in my other car - they do the job, but are noisy/clunky. 5mm but I don't know if the specs for the Crossfire correspond precisely with my '32 AMG. The wrx stuff won't let you get anywhere near stock forester height usually. 5" wheel will poke out of the fender about half an inch with 0 clearance between the wheel and strut. Match them up with the ProActions like @Nagare recommended and you’ll have a tried and tested match. The top mounts fit. com here with my review and an install of the Pedders Extreme XA Coilover Kit available for all 2015 and newer S550 Mustangs. I have a '12 370Z Sport Package. 750” minimum threaded into tube - . 6/32" is the minimum tread depth that we recommend for winter driving. This is what everyone talks about when saying "adjustable shock body length" and this should have been the reason you chose Megans over other aftermarket coilovers. 2. ) We have on our R56 MSD LCI the KW V1 Coilovers with springs but this is just a part. (Disclaimer: I don't have a Gen 5 (yet?). ) That leaves $600 for control arms, Panhard bar, strut mounts, etc. 7" drop front and 1. Will KW is known for their reinforced and durable suspension components. Thanks to everyone who bought one! I'm looking for a drop preferably using coilovers. it would be ideal to have suspension links in place, or at least mocked up. See what to look for when buying a King, Sway-A-Way, Fox, or Bilstein coilover shock for your 4x4. The corresponding STI tap for that particular insert has the same thread pitch of 20 threads per inch, but has a larger major diameter. it’s a daily driver, I already have (not installed) a set of 3” remote res King coilovers that’s supposed to fit this truck I have the Extreme chassis in my 71 Firebird. I may do this for a while longer during the break-in period but then I will be driving it much higher and The MacPherson strut is a type of automotive suspension system that uses the top of a telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot. I can't find any solid talk off coilovers adjustable coilovers being legal or illegal. There are none anywhere close to your budget The "best" coilover system anywhere close to your budget is a $900 setup from ST (child company of KW), but those don't include upper mounting hardware, so you'd need to factor in another few hundred for tophats, plus alignment, so you're looking at probably $1200 minimum (assuming DIY install, and outsourcing the alignment). KS30TUN - King Shocks Stage 3 Race Kit with 3. 34. There are aftermarket collars available to raise the ride height up front. I find I am making minor adjustments to each corner just to get the height I want. (All bought and waiting to be put on the car when back in the country. AVO Internally threaded top cap design threads over the shock body to enable maximum piston travel inside the shock body. Prepare the adjustable spring perch assembly for installation. I need to replace the front end bushings in my 97 GS integra. I want a ride similar to the stock suspension but i want the drop to be so that the tires on my 18" wheels are just starting to get covered by the wheel well. Install the Dinan spring (flat end upward), taking care to align the bottom of the Dinan spring pigtail with the indentation in the lower spring pad. I've set the drop to just over an inch relative to the stock setup, which is the minimum amount supported by the coilovers. I haven’t seen any sports suspension options offered, everyone seems to be going with the coilover route. 1/2" on the threads equals 1inch ride height. I'm writing this because I've just recently completed installing my H&R Coilovers in my '00 Jetta, and was extremely frustrated by the lack of detail in the existing online HOWTO guides. I'm somewhat local to the Roadster Shop. Also they're the 550 spring Shop the industry's largest selection of Ladder Bars, Kits, & Chrome Moly Ends at Jegs. 5? Thanks in advance. I don't road course my car, and if I do it would be extremely rare. My mk4 gti came with koni coilovers but the ride hight is too low and i have no idea how to adjust them. Just fiddling with my coilovers, and for various reasons i want to run them at standard height for a while ( :rolleyes: ) Does anyone know the MINIMUM amount of thread i can safely run in the bottom mount - i. Every time I think about coilovers and add up the cost, it makes me want adjustable suspension. Other Import; View Truhart streetplus full coilovers for all Imports View Truhart streetplus full coilovers for all Acura Integra years × Quick question for anyone with the Toytec Ultimate. Junior Hockey. 5 at least 6. MacPherson, who invented and developed the design. Coilover Install & Setup Guide. Coilovers allows you to adjust. a pair of jam nuts at the spring perch—which will alter preload—or by threading the shock's Every spring should be subjected to at least some preload. 3. The reason I went that way was that Intrax makes them to your requirements, and I didn't want to lower the car anywhere near as much as most coilovers do (30 mm minimum usually). If you are looking to really slam your car, these probably aren't for you. Large application The lower spring perch is threaded onto the body. I'll be honest, i looked into coilovers and changing springs. Used MountainPass Performance Coilovers so I have the adjustability. CTSVOwners. Dampening is not adjustable. Bilstein make a PSS10 B16 Damptronic coilover kit which retains the EDC function, whilst providing the adjustability of coilovers. It will transfer the feelings straight to driver all kinds of information such as tire, roa Unlike many boards, our Classified area is not a free-for-all. According the the Crossfire SRT6 manual the rotors are 32mm new and minimum permissible thickness is 29. 0 turns. The "best" spring and damper setups for the track only usually have remote reservoir dampers that are adjustable in high and low speed compression, and rebound. Ground Control has fully adjustable Coilovers kits for the Datsun 1200 and other models, for $199 USD a pair. 30 Mar 2019 Getting ready to install @ROAM coilover kit:rock: [ATTACH] What is the minimum lift with this system? Similar Threads - door Coilover kit. Minor Hockey. In this future vision of mine I want to run the bolt on coilovers on my JK. The car should have a minimum of ½ tank of gas, full is best. 4mm. IIRC, the oldest guy Coilovers are not designed to sit low or crazy low. I hate it though, what's the point? Have to at least get to 2500 minimum. I need to know front and read rotor thickness (new) and also what is a solid thickness for the track. EDIT: Actually, there aren't two pairs, I confused these with how my coilovers look. 33. Coilovers and stock ride height. Without proper pre-load, your springs may have enough play on it and may cause it to jump around while driving. Given I have had custom shocks made to fit these lengths with 12" stroke for 80s for ever, though we did got to 30mm longer rear bump stops for larger tyres and then coil block out height for slinky coils to fit in the given space makes 425mm to get 12" stroke with a custom body/shaft set up. Stephanie with americanmuscle. I've searched and can't find this information. And just so we avoid any confusion you don't have to use coilovers for a drop. " If that is you, get the coilovers. to be used to obtain the proper thread protrusion. To determine the maximum base height, remove the base and inspect the length of the thread inside the base. Someone at FF5 suggested the lower. I do have two coilover wrenches that came with them. On the NA at least, they lower the car too much for the slight increase in spring rate, causing it to hit the bump stops all the time. Fuckin cars. Trouble I see with the damper spring kit, is simply I am stuck with a drop of 1. Increased spring rates with more aggressively valved dampers and a larger, heavy-duty piston construction result in a suspension system that out-performs its competition. 6". A minimum thread protrusion length is given to ensure that all the threads are engaged. 7". Hey, guys. M12x1. The bottom didnt. I am just a casual track day guy. Truck drives so much smoother. -How tall can I lift? well, there will be more threads on the body than you can useyou can adjust to about 3+ inches of lift but the ride will suck! Because of the suspension geometry, not the coilovers, we suggest about 2" lift for best ride/performance when keeping the stock upper a-arms. I got the revised V8 BC coilovers installed today and took some quick pics. KSport USA KONTROL PRO  These lug nuts have a minimum thread engagement. I was stuck with a set of crappy 2001 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo, GT3 rear sway bar, Rennline CF front strut bar, Tarrett drop links and toe links, GT3 control arms, BC coilovers, Sharkwerks EVOM tune, RPi exhaust, Sharkwerks sports clutch, HRE 540r wheels, K16 Billet turbos, GTRS Intercoolers: 535rwhp, 550ft lbs trq. 2019-2020 Minor Minimum Suspension List. Go on classifieds to see price and installed price. Got the superpro ones on an early bird groupbuy - so the coilovers and swaybars were both bought on the I fitted my coilovers myself, and did the camber by eye, and measured the height of the coilovers each corner to make sure they were correct. This helps us to keep bad dealings on this site to an absolute minimum. The handling was sublime, but I was getting uneven tire wear. I've pretty much decided to go with coilovers just to be able to have a little more room for exhaust. This "MAX IV SP" is the ultimate sport model for such a high grip radial tire. I just recently bought the car, went to get an alignment and the shop called to tell me “all” my bushings are First off I'm a noob to suspension. Coilovers but not for lowering down only about 1" with the rear spring pearch on about 4 threads left (minimum the manufacturer had suggested) and the the front im wanting to order the street edge coilovers with 10 percent discount this weekend but just worried about bottoming out issues. Is it fine to get bigger rims now so I can fix the problem before I put the coilovers on and drop it. They were a relatively new company but were already well known. HKS Hypermax MAX IV SP coilovers for the R35 GT-R. Quantity: 2 per Pack. No, Alignment and track width will not affect ride height in a significant way. I started at around 14. That's what I figured. In any case, I have read most the discussions on Std vs Low suspension as I am also in the market for a R1250GSA and I leaning towards the Std as my stature is almost the same as the OP, 5'8", 150lbs, 32 inseam by my jeans/pants and I was able to test ride the 1250 GSA with low seat and ESA set to Soak the threads on the shocks with WD40 and if you have remote resi 's use a 5/16" heavy hole punch from Harbor Freight for $8 for a set of 5 because the fox spanner wrench is crap. Ride quality is a very subjective topic, but I’ll always recommend the 200lb/in front 750 to 800lb/in rear combo found on the Steeda minimum drop or sport springs for a pure daily driver. 950” total threaded length - . 235/35/19 8. I measured the unworn rim of my rotors at 31. 5" shock with rolled threads. the pc coilovers have been good to me so far. I have been happy with coiled springs (whether stock or aftermarket) on aftermarket struts like KYB GR-2s. the tfs 235 are a great head works really nice on 402 engines and can be ported up to 245 if you ever wanted. how much needs to be screwed into the bottom mount in order for the coilover to sit safely? I recently installed a set of KW V1s on my R, and found them to be too low even at max height for my tastes, at least in the back. I realised my car is not a performance car, getting coilovers would have been a bit of a waste of money. I'm going to organise another test ride next week to try it out, and then place my order - but what are the negatives to riding with the electronic suspension set on minimum versus the actual lowered suspension option? Which is the correct hole to use, upper or lower to attach front coilovers to the upper control arm on a Gen 2? Most photos I’ve seen posted use the upper. Thread starter Davey C; Start date Jul 19, If we try to keep the garbage to a minimum and then this may be a sticky. 5 Coilovers (non res) with the preset 2" lift to level my 2018 SR5. The repair threads for the HeliCoil insert are made by using a Screw Thread Insert or S. I have the 300 c with 20 rims. I'm learning coils are amazing for the fine tuning but god dam, if it's your first time doing it, it The KW Variant 3 2016 & 2017 Ford Focus RS Coilovers provide a drop of 1. tein is a good brand and so is sustec, but megans are still questionable to me. 25 at least 8. CMR is offering lift Coilovers but it looks like they just use extensions on the shock shaft to cover the extra length and some Ground Control style springs with threaded body kit that sits over OEM shocks. I went with the 1K2, which has the option of a hardened, low friction coating, and the anti-roll control system. I am wondering if coilovers can be used to raise ride height, or if the highest settings would be lower than factory still. Currently on H&R springs that claim a 1. Coilovers are to your car's advantage by reducing unsprung mass, increasing suspension travel, and allowing the car to be corner balanced. 0032 lower than the rear. 5 Rear fits just fine on stock suspension with no rubbing. If you are not under warranty, then it's up to you. Also unless you're Rock crawling and need a ton of articulation, I would run coilovers on the front with radius arms. 73. I have heard people say that getting coilovers balanced when tuning them is difficult, so I need to know if this is true or a breif overview of what goes into setting them properly. Drive or roll the car on a level surface with the steering wheel straight ahead to settle the suspension. Record and save these measurements, often older cars are less than perfect. I saw sceptical at first considering his prices but after buying hs rsb for my civic i was very suprised and happy with the quality. sweet. If you are making this change for the "want to" factor by all means go for it, but understand at a minimum you will need to do some reinforcing of the mounting points. Real-world experience: How much rear suspension travel needed for hotrod on street? Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wsdad, Jul 9, 2011. Okay, I own a vt v6 ex cop car I was looking at adjustable coilovers online for it and I came across some that are in my price range for now, the only thing is that they dont fit the v8 model vt. While a tread… Five month old thread, I wonder if the OP (original poster) got the Standard or low suspension. I mean are there springs/coilovers that drop you 3-3. I only plan on lowering it a inch. I'll take names and contact info down for your spot in line for a group buy. Q and A Here! Some threads to take a look at: OEM Performance Series Front Coilovers (25001-138) by King Shocks®. I've got to say that I'm thoroughly impressed! These beauties have every feature you could ask for in a coilover setup: height adjustment, camber adjustment, dampening adjustment (16-way), mono-tube The konis have lifetime warranty which i dont think is offered with coilovers (could be wrong on that but fairly sure they dont. that should help you understand your suspension better. To get external adjustability expect to pay in the $5k-$6k range at a minimum. 5 Front + 275/30/19 9. This is required to ensure a full-strength fastener. A 2 link at minimum. I think they charge about $175 for a spare, so it might amount to real money. Installed a set of Greene Performance Coilovers on my R53. Car was all over the place and horrible to drive before I got it aligned. Just had a full brake job done with new fluid, pads and turned rotors even though I dont believe they needed to be turned since So I believe it was the first week of June My son and I installed the ISC N1 Coilovers. i do agree that majority of people on here are not going to race their juke and whatnot, but 1800 for cusco is not overpriced as im sure that they are proven. Junior A Minimum Suspension List. 8 and I put the 401c pro coilover kit from qa1 on it and The truck was essentially at stock height, even when the coilovers were adjusted all the way down. HSD coilovers are shipped with the base height set to the minimum. And folks - don't forget to add what type of truck/lift you have. I am leaning toward these coilovers also when the stock dampers go out. I also have a 1" drop block in the rear. 500" with a pitch of 20 threads per inch. I would run them on the back side. e. We need 7 people signed up at the minimum in order to begin taking deposits. UPDATE 5/14/19 Unless someone backs out, then that is it for this run. I put in superpro swaybars at the same time I did the coilovers. I am trying to gauge what height people find best for Track work? where so people measure the ride height from. If I drop my car as low as the coilovers go, will I have a bouncy or bad ride? You can either use a supplied wrench to turn a threaded sleeve ring  Please do check to make sure that you have at least 40mm of thread inside the or at least 15mm of thread if it's a multilink/coilover/telescopic type of setup (will  21 Jun 2017 Coilovers and what youve gotten wrong factory springs and damper . I had the Bilstein Trail tuned shocks that came with the TRD Off road package on both the front and rear. When you use a punch to adjust those coilovers, do you need to pound on the punch with a hammer? The link bellow will drop you to the same truhart streetplus full coilovers but for a different car . It is widely used in the front suspension of modern vehicles and is named for American automotive engineer Earle S. And the minimum drop with the coilovers is 1. So all I have done to my car is the minimum necessary mods (which in my case was LCAs) to get enough camber to even out the tire wear. is it distance of wing above top of wheel or wing to centre of wheel. Trust the Air Suspension Pros. I got 1/8" universal spacers and on the box they say to make sure at least 1/2" threads are showing. 3 months from me delivering my car to Fortune Auto for prototyping, the coilovers should be ready for shipping. What is the number of threads that you see on your shocks?? The reason I ask is that it appears somehow my front is around 1/4-1/2" higher than the rear - and I don't think the installer messed with the coilvers. This is a triangulated 4-link rear kit that is universal that can be used on any Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, early Bronco, or Toyota. YOUVE BEEN WARNED. Coilovers I agree with the crappy ride. Personally I'd start small, (bilstiens and 32's), and wheel the tar out if it like that. If you have recently received your coilovers for your vehicle, they may have arrived like this set of older Megan coilovers. It's smaller and more complex so there are more parts that can go wrong. 5" all the way around, and I have finally settled on the minimum, 13. My budget is around $1,500 including the coilovers and camber kit. I'm very humbled that you guys are digging my idea. WARNING! Double wishbone suspension: make sure to leave at least 25mm of threaded body inside   Find the OCD BAGS for BC Racing Coilovers (Sleeve Style) | Bag Riders and all of that is specifically designed to thread onto BC Racing BR Type Coilovers! . Nice to see how much more room the coilovers get you in the front. Then, once you've worn down the tread on those 32s, you'll have gained enough off road driving experience where 33's and a set of performance coilovers might actually be an advantage. Or should I get the coilovers and them drop it and find rims that fit. When your car make thud and bang/boom signs that is due to a decrease in shock stroke, not neccessarly due to the stiffness. So I want to get some coilovers for track weekends but I have to keep stock ride height. Since I have a manual transmission, I have to re-gear the front and rear differentials to 3. Developed to provide a sporty ride feeling and aggressive stance, along with wide-range damping force adjustment using our new Advance Needle technology, giving the driver a much more noticeable feel in damping force change. Hey Mike, Thanks for posting about the ST Coilovers and your experience with them. I can get a damper/spring kit for half the price of the cheapest coilovers. 2mm. . This is the same type of tap used for some other inserts. Coilovers Suspension – Manufacturer Info. Anything expensive is an upgrade, depends on how you drive your car, if you "rally" your car to starbucks you need something tht will hold up. 755", or 19. I'll see how things are looking before the wintertime to determine whether or not I'll replace these. Example of good quality coilovers: Nitron, Olin, KW, Bilstein, Koni. deliver predictable ride height based on teh amount of screw thread There is another factor to consider, at least on my car: between install of the coilovers  Coilovers provide more adjustability than a strut and spring setup and can serve a variety of different needs - it's important to be sure of what your suspension  I posted a similar thread to this one over at another forum that I'm a coilovers cannot be revalved (at least that's what the reps told me!) KW Street Comfort Coilovers for Other Manufacturers It combines a minimal lowering thats within the vehicle-specific adjustment range of 10 to 40 mm with a   15 Feb 2016 Here's our price/quality coilover choice for you, while we couldn't Your Miata ride height is adjustable via the ZT coated threaded sleeve. The GVWR of that trailer is 16,400 lbs. I had a local offroad shop order Fox 2. The standard measurement of pin weight is a minimum of 20% of the GVWR, which calculates to 3,280 lbs. It's important to do more than just a quick visual check of your tires' tread depth. They didn't fix my set. Have you ever been to Japan, ya perfect roads hence the stiff/short stroke. 30 Levels of Damping Force Adjustment(adjust compression/rebound) Intake - lots of options, performance filter as a minimum to let the engine breathe in Exhaust - decat or sports cat to let the engine breathe out Remap - with the above mods, stage 2 with approx 40-50 bhp and same number torque increase Happy days Hey guys! So I’ve been trying to use the search function but l can’t seem to bring up any threads for my specific question. Adjusting your coilover preload is an essential part of installing your coilovers on any vehicle, and although this article is on our 1992 RB25 S13 it can apply to many such coilovers. The con of coilovers is maintenance. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. suspension line and offers the bare minimum for what we believe an after-market coilover system  Godspeed project offers premium coilovers and suspension products at affordable prices. 2" - 2. You have two options for dampening. I recently bought Megan Racing Coilovers for my 2011 Challenger R/T. These are installed on my 2006 Subaru Impreza Wagon, I've been looking for a set of entry level but quality coilovers for my wagon as it is my daily and I didn't want to break the bank right off the bat. tap. If you do go coilovers you will still need a Panhard bar and relocation brackets for the lower control arms at a minimum. So, I'm going to order an M205 front differential with the 3. The Street Advance damper is the evolution of our popular Super Street coilover. As Jack threatens to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy, the President of Venezuela launches a counter-attack that hits home, leading Jack on a mission spanning the US, UK, Russia, and Venezuela to unravel the President's plot and bring stability to a country on the brink of chaos. i just like buying quality parts. After getting good feedback from this site, and doing some more research I'm looking to buy Tein Super Street coilovers. We recommend this product to people who would use this vehicle daily and want as much comfort as possible for themselv I did some testing and tried shifting at those recommended shift points. I. my main reason for considering the coilovers is because my car's getting too low and bottoming out, causing all kinds of problems. kw v2's are good for road and track IMO , the ast's from what i heard are a track setup set of coilovers and are very bumpy on the road , i love my kw v2's on the clio , just a shame they dont go very low on the back , may get a set of custom springs on the back of mine as i want it a bit lower , my mate had bilstein's on his old m3 and they Aldan American saw the benefit of swapping in coilovers on the C5 and C6 Corvette so they jumped on it and put together a kit. So incorrect statements: 1) I have coilovers, I am running stock springs and KYB GR-2s. Anybody know what it is? My micrometer says current thickness is . I ended up going with a set of Tein basic coilovers to keep the spring rates down to minimum while getting the advantage of ride height adjustment. Tire heights left and right must be the same and inflated equally to achieve an accurate measurement. fit was perfect on my front coilovers with minimal issues. Guaranteed lowest price! Install a set of sports suspension or coilovers. 73 ratio installed from Rugged Rocks. jpg Can anyone tell me what the minimum modifications that needs to be done to a 2007 f150 2wd pick up to “look” like this truck? It will rarely be used on dirt. 4" - 2. Show Full I have standard PSS-10 coilovers on a Porsche and coilovers work well on that chassis since you can dial in and out depending on track use or street  5 Dec 2013 highest setting, most coilovers still lower your vehicle by at least half an inch. Whilst there is a large demand for premium setups designed for the high-end race car, the aim with our mid-range Coilovers is to bring some of the more advanced real-world features from the premium setups, incorporate them into a package suitable for the everyday street car, and offer a 100% Bespoke solution at an affordable price point without I won't say Raceland parts are high quality, but I would argue that Eibach lowering springs are also a pretty bad choice for the Miata. I have never had a need for AGX anything (that I am aware of). Looks good, do you have any rub at all? I plan to run same wheel and tire specs with AST coilovers but not sure 100% what the minimum drop will be with them until I install so it's good to see you clearing that drop F/R. Fox, King and other OEM Tacoma/4Runner front coilovers come valved too soft from the factory. 5inchnothing to do with the amount of lift) Radflo coilovers for the Frontier. Most winter tires start at 10/32" to 12/32" of tread depth. D-Ma-31-Cs Mazda Rx-8 Tags: D2 CIRCUIT Series coilovers are designed for the circuit track enthusiast determined to go fast. What makes you want coilovers? Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums. 405mm front shock comp length is about it on the after first 2 years prod. Once you go above a 3. preload does affect spring rate! if you increase the preload on the coilover spring, the necessary force for starting the spring compression -> start a bump cycle, will increase. Coilovers are more expensive but offer you a complete replacement for the stock shocks and springs and their firmness is adjustable to different levels for on and off the track. Minor diameter: The maximum and minimum sizes of the smallest diameter of the screw threads Over wires distance: these are the maximum and minimum distances if using 3 wires of the same size to measure the dimension close to the pitch diameter of an external thread. A standard tap used to create threads for a 1/2" NF fastener has a major diameter of . KS30TAC - King Shocks Stage 3 Race Kit (05+ Tacoma 6-lug) King’s new line of Original equipment manufacturer, (OEM), shock upgrade kits provide a bolt on suspension system that elevates your on and off-road performance to unmatched levels. 1/2" turns is roughly 1" of lift and if you are running a 2016 tacoma 3" of lift it is center of hub to bottom of fender flare is 23". Did a search and there’s a few threads that explains on how to do it. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 0 (2inch dia as opposed to 2. After speaking with a large number of Model 3 owners in the community, we realized that there was a large demand for the ability to lower your Model 3 without reducing the ride comfort, especially over large bumps. I could not find the minimum thickness spec stamped on the OE rear rotor. My rear coilovers did not come with upper mounts so I had to do a pre-load on them when I used the OEM top hats. Moderation is the key here. I've found two potential fabrication guys, one says he needs a minimum of 5 sets the other is now out of town. Threads not complying with the rules will be deleted without notice. - Super Street Magazine INS190-4210 Coil-Over Suspension Page 9 of 14 Rev. 5 inch lower, anyone have these issues. Start out conservative and maybe work towards more serious lowering if I track Unlike some adjustable coilovers that claim to have many clicks or a wide adjustment range, these coilovers have true motorsport damper technology and the adjustment in the low speed range is over 300%! Compression adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. In my case, they didn't ruin the threads, but cleaning the grit out of them was such a pain in the ass I sold them (previous car). NOTE: Picture used for coilovers is a universal picture and actual product may vary, some D2 Racing coilovers kits comes with adjustable top cambers. I miss the plushness of that setup! I'd really prefer not to lift the already tall truck, and am bummed that Icon is a 2" lift minimum. It may be necessary to trim a small amount off the factory axle bracket in order to obtain correct ride height and proper clearance between the spring seat and the axle. I do not know what length they are. I'm not looking for super-track coilovers though so the Cortex is a lot more than I want to pay. pics would be great. It would probably be a 2-3 inch drop. and make sure your spring rates are correct and your calving is right. We’re extremely excited to bring you our jointly developed MPP / KW Comfort Coilovers. 2". Have had good experience with superpro products over many years with different cars. The manufacturers on this page offer a huge variety of coilovers from the budget minded to full on F1/Le mans/Touring Car specification. Lower Spring Seat (threaded) and Upper spring seat Album click to view. So as many of you know I've been working with some well known companies to come up with parts for the dart. It's my daily driver so adjusting the damper and ride height is very important for me. I'm 2+ and only have coilovers. (where applicable) Rubber Inserts built in to keep the noise at a minimum. Check around shock and spring Although this is a product designed for comfort and stylish appearance it is able to hold its own with regards to road performance. They are a discontinued wheel style and as far as I can tell the offset is 38mm. I'm honestly curious to know if they'll sell you a trailer without tires, and how much they'll knock off the price. 001, then honed after cadmium plating to remove buildup for a tight piston seal and optimum valving function. Each kit has been subjected to punishing real world testing to develop the optimal damping curve and spring rate for your vehicle. Are you the type of guy that would say "I wish the front was 0. 2) Mount on truck-When installing I had separate the UCA/Spindle bolt, but not completely remove it to get the Coilover in. Make sure they fixed the issue before placing a big order. We have exchanged the complete suspension like PSRS, adjustable rear sway bar, front and rear adjustable end links and powerflex bushes it is a Very expensive suspension (All done in a professional tuner house in CH). ground clearance while keeping weight down and trimming to a minimum. 7. It's an old thread I know. About KW V1 Coilovers KW Coilovers V1 ideal systems for customers wishing to rely on the experience of KW engineers, yet determine their own degree of lowering. Rustproofing doesn't help (and not recommended) because it doesn't solve the dirt problem in the first place. Stock struts with a 9. The one's before were a claimed 2" drop. WRX coilovers will usually get you a minimum 2-3" drop. if i wanted to drop less than an inch, would that be possible? and how easy is it to adjust the height once it's put Minimum number has been met. In this video we're gonna go over a few different topics for this coilover kit, but mostly we're gonna talk about the performance abilities of this kit and the install. My car barely clears my driveway currently. His car using his coilovers competes every year for the fwd supershootout. I'm not going to lie, there are a still a few bumps that I hit everyday that hurt, but it sounds like you just went to aggressive! Now I am not sure if i wanna save cash or have the ride height adjustability. I'm considering a Titan swap for my 2013 Pro-4X. Click to expand Excellent choice! That's what I'm putting on this coming week. And I know as far as coilovers go these are, in a nutshell, total shit. None of the abs and brake line tabs were right. In addition to allowing 16 clicks of rebound adjustment and 12 clicks of compression adjustment, the KW Variant 3 also come with an Electronic Damping Cancellation Kit to keep all the drive modes on your RS working flawlessly. When I put two of them on to equal 1/4" there is exactly 1/2" of thread sticking out, is that safe or will I need longer studs? Right now when turning my 9" wheels dont clear my coilovers with the 1/8" spacers. In our opinion, at a minimum a coilover suspension kit should be height adjustable and damping adjustable. Our site contains videos, pictures, multimedia and tons of topics of forums: CTS-V Performance, CTS-V Parts, CTS-V Maintenance and more. More extreme than anything I'm doing, but the 6 and speed6 share suspension components. Almost feels like I need some Rosetta Stone for Coilovers. Having the internal valving inside the shocks changed or go aftermarket. 4" drop rear. 0" in the front and 1. Remember that the thread pool is not something you want to use for long-running tasks  I know I will need at least a 2" BL because I plan to add the 5. So 3 inches is the max, what's the minimum just out of curiosity? Hi All. Spec Iron Coilovers Ok, so after nobody had any info on these coilovers and only speculation in regards to the rears looking a lot like AST 4100's I talked via phone and email to Brian Hanchey of HVT. Hi Guys, I purchased a set of BC Coilovers sometime last year with the Swift Springs upgrade (10kg front and 8kg rear). KW's coilovers have been carefully crafted and designed by studying the flaws of competitors and improving on them. Buy D2 Racing 13-17 Accord RS Series Coilovers D-HN-09-1 at K Series Parts: FREE SHIPPING, FINANCING Available, Live Inventory, Authorized Dealer Since 2001 Response from BC I just got the email back saying they do not do taller than OEM. SOLD 2004 2001 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo, GT3 rear sway bar, Rennline CF front strut bar, Tarrett drop links and toe links, GT3 control arms, BC coilovers, Sharkwerks EVOM tune, RPi exhaust, Sharkwerks sports clutch, HRE 540r wheels, K16 Billet turbos, GTRS Intercoolers: 535rwhp, 550ft lbs trq. 16 Nov 2017 Thread the upper spring adjuster down until it just touches the spring, you there is some adjustability in the Tacoma and 4Runner Coilovers. The ride is great compared to stock or even with the H&R springs. And get your suspension tuned. -FREE SHIPPING IN THE 48 STATES-These are 2. i am totally satisfied with my setup. I don't know if I did something wrong or what but I'm lost. After tracking a suspicious shipment in the Venezuelan jungle, Jack Ryan heads to South America to investigate. 0L (00 Exploder) engine I have laying Is there a build thread for that ranger? Ford F-150 2017, OEM Performance Series Front Coilovers by King Shocks®. I will fix everything to the OP for easy viewing everyones lift / #'s. Now the problem is the rims now I have on are bent and I have death wobble from hell. I will definitely not have my car nearly a slammed as yours though. The only advice I can share Front Coilover Pair for 1996-2002 4Runner, 1995-2004 Tacoma SKU: KING Taco/4Run Coilovers A simple spanner adjuster tool is included for ride height/preload adjustments. Image courtesy Megan Racing Thanks psu, currently i'm on QA1 front coilovers - single adjustable, and single adjustable shocks on stock ZQ8 rear leaves. 4/11/17 32. Thread the upper spring adjuster down until it just touches the spring,  31 Oct 2013 Start by re-threading on the bottom mounting cups to approximately Minimum revolutions should be no less that 5 to ensure that there is  How do I adjust the 36-way damping on my coilovers? D2 Racing coilovers feature Why don't my coilovers have camber plates at the top? Only cars with  500 series coilovers, and full stiff for 510 series coilovers. The dealer says that setting the electronic suspension on "minimum" would be all I need, and not to get the lowered suspension. 75 at least 6. It would be nice though to remove the coilovers and get the threads all cleaned up and lubed. Junior B and C Minimum Suspension MODS: JOM BlueLine Coilovers, Samsung white LED headlights, K&N air filter, 19" Grey Rotor alloy wheels, 15mm-20mm spacers, LED taillights, 3D resin number plate, painted red calipers, RS5 Grill, Custom Exhast, APR stage 1 remap. They can bottom out on small drop offs and bounce up and down on freeway rolling bumps. Threads are teflon coated Don't get shafted when you buy secondhand coilover shocks, take our advice when buying used. Aldan’s C5/C6 coilover kit comes with everything you’ll need, including the four coilovers, mounting brackets and bolts, and even the preload adjustment spanner. I was shifting into 6th at 40 mph. 25 at least 9. M Shaft (F46 normal type): With a new cylinder shaft design the increased the cylinder shaft size to have a firm damping even at a little stroke range by optimizing the oil pressure characteristic. Thank you so much! Still need to wait a couple weeks for any stragglers to get in on the sauce. 395 mm odd rear comp is rear. are a good choice too), you can drop it another 2 inches at least. although most coilovers come with very high spring rates, you IMG_3577. The sand gets into the threads, and in order to adjust the coils in summer I had to basically remove them to brush them out or risk seizing the collars. most aftermarket coilovers which are sold as separate height adjustable ones, can be preloaded without compromising suspension travel to a certain level. 50 a pop. I found a set of Megan Racing street series coilovers for the S13 locally for $400 CAD used, but in good shape. minimum threads coilovers

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